Air Purifiers Coverage Area Over 1000 sq. ft.

Air Purifiers for coverage area over 1000 sq ft. Perfect choice for larger rooms and commercial use. Don't waste your money by buying an air purifier that is too small to adequately filter the air.  (continue reading)

Large spaces can be tricky to purify especially if you choose an air purifier that is too small. Choosing the right air purifier for your home makes all the difference in the world. If you choose a unit that is too small, the air purifier will not be able to purify the air sufficiently.

What size room (sqft - square feet) are you looking for your air purifier to clean? 

Those who know the air purifier industry know that there typically is not one singular product that is superior to the next.  There are many variables involved when buying an air purifier such as how big is the desired coverage area.  

It's important to know the estimated area of the room (s) that you want to purify.  Otherwise, one could easily buy a product that is not adequate for a particular room size, or they could end up paying too much on a unit that is better suited for industrial use, rather than personal. 

Our online store assists customers in finding the best air purifier to fit their needs. This category of custom air purifiers will prove to be the best option in finding a purifier to clean the air in a particular environment.

Example: 200 ft x 100 ft = 2000 sqft room size

Note: If you place an air purifier into a room size that is less than what the air purifier is certified for, the air purifier will purify the air at a faster rate.

On the other hand, if you place the air purifier into a room size that is greater than what the air purifier is certified for, the air purifier will still purify the air, but at a lesser rate and will not be as effective as the first scenario.

Best case scenario is that the room that you put the air purifier into is no more than 67% of the size of room the air purifier is certified to clean effectively.

Example: You purchase an air purifier that is certified for up to 1000 sqft. The room you put the air purifier into should be no larger than 670 sqft for maximum effectiveness in cleaning the air in the room. You will get more Air Changes Per Hour (ACH) out of your air purifier using this method.

Tip:  You should not consider a unit that delivers less than 2 air changes per an hour.  In fact, most people who suffer from allergies perfer 5 or more air changes an hour. 

How to Determine How Many Air Changes an Hour

                              CFM (Cubic Feet Per Minute) x 60 (Minutes per Hour)
                                               Cubic Feet of the Room (LxWxH)