Air Purifiers for TCE and PCE

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Air Purifiers for TCE and PCE

Many factors contribute to proper filtration of TCE and PCE such as but not limited to the concentrations of the chemicals, the rate at which the chemicals are entering the space, and the layout and air flow of the space.  Listed below are a few of the most common air purifiers used for TCE and PCE.  

However, deciding which exact unit may vary by situation.  Some clients want a medical grade HEPA to filter particulates/ultra fines along with the Carbon to filter the chemicals of TCE/PCE and other chemicals.  Some will want the unit to be industrial power where the sound can be louder.  The important thing to keep in mind is carbon and the number of units is critical.

Ideally, the unit will run on a speed that is as slow as possible yet faster than the rate of entry.  This will allow the longest dwell time of the chemicals near the carbon to be adsorbed most efficiently.  Having more units spread out will work better than 1 very powerful unit.  The more spheres of filtration (ie the more units) the more effective it will be.

Feel free to call us because typically one size does not fit all. 


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Typically, we recommend running the unit on high for a few quick air changes and then turning down to medium or even low if possible. The life of the carbon will depend on the levels and number of units. When it comes to TCE/PCE filtration, the expected life of the filter is often shorter than the "average" that a manufacturer is quoting. Please keep in mind with Allerair Pro 5 and Pro 6, we recommend HD or Ultra as a carbon type. For environmental groups, it is best to share your test results so we can find the best carbon type for your need. Often ALlerair will recommend a special carbon which may have an additional charge. Futhermore, Electrocorp's policy restricts us from selling to a client if the client is pre-assigned to a rep at Electrocorp or Allerair. This can be done even just by the client asking a question via email or chat room. Therefore, if you are interested in Electrocorp from us at USAirPurifiers, a small family owned, US business, please contact us first so we can register your information with them. After that, you are welcome to ask them questions or details or we will on your behalf. Sorry if this is inconvenient, but it is just how their business model works.