BetterAir Air Purifier Refills and Accessories

BetterAir Air Purifiers PLUS Surface & Object Purifier offers revolutionary new technology using probiotics to purifier not only the air but also surfaces and objects.  By systematically dispensing high quality probiotics into the air, the air becomes healthier.

Virtually Silent too.

Patented design combined with the highest quality probiotics ensures the greatest benefit and effectiveness in promoting better health through clean air. 

By creating a microflora umbrella around us, the BetterAir purifiers and sprays offer a "protective bubble" like a shield around us.

BetterAir’s proprietary blend of multiple strains of environmental probiotics have received the Made Safe certification confirming that they are safe for humans, animals and the environment.  BetterAir’s probiotics are organic and naturally occurring  probiotics sourced from the soil and on plants, they are then cultured in an ISO 9001 Certified Laboratory and mixed with water from the Sea of Galilee as a suspension agent. 

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If there's one thing that's critical to helping preserve our health, it is ensuring that what we put into our bodies is as clean and pure as possible.

It is inevitable that in today's environment we breathe in a constant stream of contaminants damaging to our health. At BetterAir, we decided that we just wouldn’t stand for that.

While you are living your busy life, Environmental Probiotics work for you and your family far beyond the preventative approaches we take with traditional approaches to cleaning.

How did we do it? Easy…well, not really. Our R&D team spent years designing a revolutionary patented system that leverages the well-known benefits of probiotics to replenish beneficial bacteria tasked with cleaning your surroundings and purifying the air you breathe.

We may not be able to get away from the air we breathe, but sure can make it better. BetterAir – fighting for the improved air quality you need every day.

For information on any products other than the spray bottles by BetterAir, please contact BetterAir directly.