Central Air Purifiers Install and HVAC

Many of our suppliers like Amaircare, Airpura, and Allerair offer a wide selection of whole house air purifiers that can be installed independently or into the HVAC system.  Frequently, our customers will install both an entire house air purifier plus have additional portable units in their bedrooms or office for additional filtering.  If you don't see what you are looking for, simply contact us. (continue reading)

Large spaces, homes with multiple rooms, or offices with multiple rooms can be tricky to purify.  For optimal purification, ideally one or more air purifiers per a room are recommended; however, budget, space, and maintenance may make individual units in every room somewhat infeasible.  This is why many customers will use a whole home unit and then add an air purifier or more to the most popular rooms of the home or office.

Please remember even though a whole home unit may be more economical, its filtration abilities may be limited by other external circumstances such as the size of the duct work, whether or not the blower on the furnace is on all the time (it can only filter the air that goes through it), and the cleanliness of the duct work too.