Air Purifiers for Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

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Air Purifiers for Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Medical marijuana dispensaries must constantly be conscious of the presence of mold spores within their facilities in order to ensure the safety of both their employees and those who depend on their product for the treatment of various ailments. US Air Purifiers offers an array of commercial grade air purification systems that can be used in a medical dispensary environment to remove mold spores and strong odors from the air. These units are ideal for large facilities and effectively have been used for years in police evidence rooms around the country.

Keep in mind when choosing an air purifier for any kind of smoke, it is critical to choose one that can reduce VOCs/Vocarbs and has a carbon filter or another equivalent filtration medium to reduce VOCs.

Helpful Tips: If using smaller units, the AllerAir products offer a good choice as the Vocarb units and a better choice as the D or even DX Vocarb units.  When using Austin Air Healthmate Plus or Amaircare Vocarb 3000, it is often recommended to use 2 or more units depending on the size of the facility to compliment each other in the commercial setting.Field Controls plan on 1 unit per 350-500 sq ft to error on the conservative side. This is actually a good rule of thumb for any of the smaller units. (continue reading)

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These quality air purifiers are also excellent options for Morgues & Funeral Homes and Hospitals too. 

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