Amaircare 4000 VOC Chem Airwash Filtration System - Heavy VOCs 30 lbs Carbon

Model: 10-A-1KWG-07
SKU: amr-ap-us1311
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We are taking Pre-orders.  Leadtime estimated at 12-14 weeks. 

Amaircare 4000 VOC Chem Airwash Air Purification System, a commercial grade air scrubber, that focuses on HEAVY VOCs, gases, and & odors.  It is a top quality, heavy duty portable air purifier for a wide variety of industrial applications.

Coverage for 18,000 ft3 (provides 1 ACH/hr). Comes with a 5 YEAR Limited Warranty.

The Amaircare 4000 VOC Chem focuses on heavy VOCs, gases, and odors primarily and uses the 16in Ultra VOC kit which contains a 30 lb canister of carbon for heavy adsorption. 

This unit does NOT have a HEPA filter because the focus is for heavy odors, gases, and VOCs.