Austin Air Purifiers

Austin Air is unlike any other company currently making air filtration systems on the market. Despite operating the largest construction facility of true HEPA air filters in the world, the family-run company is, at its heart, a true passion project for the company's founder and president. His wife Joyce had, for her whole life, experienced respiratory issues, and no matter how many doctors she'd visit, her quality of life remained diminished because of her ailments. (continue reading)

When the family realized it was contaminated air that was making Joyce suffer through sleepless nights and numerous visits to the hospital, they developed an air filtration system that could create air which could only previously be found at the emergency room. They combined medical-grade filtration techniques with an activated carbon system that traps particulates and harmful chemicals, allowing pure air to pass through.

These units each employ a 360-degree intake system that allows for maximum filtration, pushing out 250 cubic feet of fresh, clean air every minute. As well, the filters in these products meet true HEPA standards, removing 99.97 percent of all particulates as small as 0.3 microns and 95 percent of particulates 0.1 microns and smaller that are found in the atmosphere.

Not only are these products effective, but you can rely on them to last for years to come, as Austin Air filtration systems have some of the longest life spans of any similar product on the market thanks to quality construction and attention to detail. We keep numerous Austin Air units in stock at US Air Purifiers LLC, so be sure to peruse our selection today.

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