Vortex Enterprise Air Purifier and Desk Lamp

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Vortex Enterprise Air Purifier and Desk Lamp

Vortex air purifiers are unique in the industry in that they utilize Samsung Super Plasma Ionizer (SPi) technologies. SPi is a patent-protected method of air purification that has been tested, refined and proven effective in removing harmful allergens and chemicals from the air to improve breathing in almost any setting. Scientists from Korea, Japan and the United Kingdom helped develop this system to eliminate up to 99.99 percent of biological contaminants, including bacteria, the influenza and SARS viruses, fungi and mold spores.(continue reading)

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The way that SPi works is by generating hydrogen atoms and oxygen ions, which react together to form Hydroperoxyl. The positively charged biological contaminants in the air react with the three hydrogen elements of Hydroperoxyl's protein structure before forming water vapor, essentially trapping chemicals that would otherwise be in the air.

Vortex makes SPi-driven products that are perfect for the home and in your car, making the air as fresh and clean as possible. You'll not only minimize your risk of getting sick when you use these designs, but you'll notice better skin conditions due to a minimization of dirt and germs coming from the air.

These air purifiers were designed to battle the "sick house" phenomenon that has become a major issue over the past several decades. When older buildings with improper ventilation aren't completely cleaned and the air purified, inhabitants are more likely to suffer from long-term health issues as a result.

As well, with 175 square feet of purification, along with an independent, non-flickering desk lamp, these products are ideal for teachers, office settings, dorms, small apartments and almost any other setting you can imagine.

At US Air Purifiers LLC, we offer models from Vortex that utilize SPi technology in an attractive layout that will effectively make the air in any environment more breathable. Check out our selection today.