SPT (Sunpentown) Air Purifiers

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SPT (Sunpentown) Air Purifiers

There are many clean air options available at US Air Purifiers LLC, and the models we sell created by SPT Appliance are some of the most economically smart choices around. All of these designs come with a one-year warranty to back up your purchase.(continue reading)

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The Sunpentown AC 7013 - Magic Clean purifier, for example, is a no-nonsense, photo-catalytic air cleaner with ionizer technology that is designed to get the job done. This generally compact model is perfect for either the home or the office and features a basic design that makes it appropriate for any setting where clean air is a priority.

While this model may look unassuming, it has the latest technologies within to help make your space more breathable, utilizing a combination of TiO2 (photo-catalyst titanium dioxide) and UV light. When TiO2 captures UV light from the sun, it forms activated oxygen from water in the air. As a result, not only are toxins filtered from the atmosphere, but fresh oxygen is released into the air, making a space much more inhabitable.

For smaller spaces, such as the bedroom or a laundry room, the Sunpentown AC 3000i - Magic Clean is the perfect model. Using a HEPA filter, ionizer and active carbon filters, this unit targets odors and allergens while removing harmful toxins from the air to make the space more inhabitable.

At US Air Purifiers LLC, we offer these SPT Appliance air purification systems as well as replacement filters and all other accessories you'll need to make sure the atmosphere in your home or office is as healthy as possible.

Our product line is very extensive; however, in order to not overwhelm our customers, we display the most popular products. If you don't see something you are looking for, please contact us, and we'd be happy to assist you.