Air Purifiers for Motorhomes, RVs, & Trailers

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Air Purifiers for Motorhomes, RVs, & Trailers

Air purifiers for RVs, motorhomes, campers, trailers and other recreational vehicles can be a necessity for many.  Although recreational vehicles offer endless hours of enjoyment and comfortable travel for many, they frequently off-gas substantial amounts of harmful VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and odors from the tight quarters combined with the paneling, flooring and installation causing much discomfort for the owners.

Don't worry though, there are many options of purifier for recreational vehicles. The key is to a unit that focuses on VOCs and will fit your vehicle or trailer.  We listed the most common ones below.  However, if you'd like more air changes an hour or a larger unit, feel free to browse our Chemical / MCS page too.   (continue reading)


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There are some important tips to considering when purchasing your air purifier for RVs, Motorjomes, and other recreational vehicles such as the following:

  • We recommend Blueair Pro Series for heavy VOCs because you can choose the smokestop plus the additional carbon filter.  If your trailer, has low to moderate VOCs, you can use a purifier from the Classic series with the smokestop filters.
  • If you have a concern for germs such as viruses and bacteria, Field Controls Trio and BetterAir are great options. 
  • BetterAir is recommended for the allergy and germ concerns, more than the heavy VOCs.
  • Choose a unit that will fit your space available.
  • Choose a unit that you can maintenance such as the filter changes while you are away.