Molekule Mini+ (Mini Plus) Air Purifier

Model: MN2PX-US Basic
SKU: mol-ap-us1641
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Molekule Mini Plus is a FDA and CARB Cleared Air Purifier. Connects to the Molekule 360 Hub. Molekule Air MiniPlus is FDA-cleared as a 510(k) Class II medical device to destroy viruses and bacteria.

Designed for Smaller Spaces: For small rooms up to 250 sq. ft. with 2.5 Air Changes an Hour.

Particle and Chemical Sensors: Detect and categorize VOCs and a range of air particles from 10 microns down to 0.3 microns, including PM10 (pollen) and PM2.5 (dust), and particles smaller than PM1 (smoke).

Molekule Air Mini+ purifiers use PECO technology and true HEPA 99.97% particle-capture efficiency rate to capture and destroy pollutants in small rooms and spaces. See your particle level in real time or over time in the Molekule app. Start breathing cleaner air today.

US Made

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