Aura Air Filters and Accessories

Aura Air purifiers require little to no maintenance.  The Aura Air Mini air purifier requires NO maintenance and the Aura Air Purifier, smart air purifier,  requires extremely little maintenance of the RAY filter.

For best filtration and the healthiest environment, it is recommended to follow the directions for filter maintenance when the unit recommends cleaning or changing a filter.

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Aura Air Mini Air Purifier

Aura Air Mini requires no maintenance, no new filters, and has a shelf life of 3 years. It provides you and your loved ones an additional protective layer from the airborne risks outdoors.


Aura Air Purifier

Aura Air requires almost no maintenance. Don't worry if you forget either because your smart air purifier will let you know it is time to change the RAY filter.  Typically, every 6 months but it can be longer depending on the level of the contaminants in the area.