Commercial Air Purifiers - Airwash Units, Air Scrubbers

Healthy air is equally important at your place of work.  At US Air Purifiers LLC, we have a wide variety of air purifiers for you to choose from for your work.  Industrial air purifiers' prices and filtration abilities can vary greatly. 
Frequently, commercial air purifiers are also referred to as Airwash air purifiers, air scrubbers, Chem Bio Airwash (Amaircare), or even just air purifiers. 
To assure the best shopping experience, US Air Purifiers LLC will price match if it is economically feasible. (continue reading)

We are constantly striving to add new products to our site based on our customers' needs.  If you don't see a product you are looking for, don't hesitiate to contact us.
Our industrial air purifiers vary greatly from spas, air plane hangers, laundry mats, to hosiptals and more.  On our larger units, we prefer to work with you directly to assure you are receiving the best product for your needs.  Furthermore, by contacting us, we have the best ability to negotiate the lowest prices for you with our manufacturers.