Electrocorp RAP Series - RAP 48 CCHD Industrial Air Scrubber LDI Room Air Quality Control Optional Plenum

Model: EC-rap-48-cchd
SKU: elc-ap-us1542
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RAP Series 48 CCHD with carbon filter from Electrocorp an industrial wing of AllerAir is the best solution for laser printers such as but not limited to Orbotech laser printers. Electrocorp’s affordable air filters for Laser Direct Digital Imaging have been engineered to protect the mirrored surfaces of your LDI tool’s laser optics. Scrubbed air is constantly delivered from the RAP scrubber to the LDI tool’s air intake port via flexible ducting (optional plenum with the RAP scrubber).

Using a plenum is less common than not and it is not one size fits all.  There are 2 different kinds.

  • Orbotech Paragon 27.5"x 32.5"
  • Orbotech 24"x42.5" Nuvogo
$8,279.98 to $8,779.98