Air Purifiers for Bunkers

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Air Purifiers for Bunkers

Air Purifiers for bunkers are a necessity to enjoy healthier air in any confined space especially a bunker. Not only is particulate matter a concern but also VOCs, chemicals, and gases. We recommend having 1 set of filters on hand to ensure you always have them when you need them. Many bunkers use propane and have wood burning stoves and are built underground without fresh air (or minimal outside air) coming in so our recommended units focus on ultra-fines and VOCs. We'd recommend selecting the 614/714 HEPA configuration instead of the 600/700 HEPA configuration for a more tightly woven HEPA too.

We also recommend some form of an air monitor if you have wifi. This will alert you if you may need different or more purification in the bunker. The Enterprise Dashboard allows you to have more control and insight into your home air quality.

If sound is a concern, we'd recommend adding the Airpura 700/714 motor upgrade. This unit is quieter at the lower speeds and offers a bit more power than the traditional 600/614 series of Airpura. Portable air purifiers are focused on a specific room or confined space.

The area around the unit is filtered best. Therefore, it is recommend to have an air purifier in the main living and/or sleep spaces especially since there typically isn't central ducting system. If there is, we also have by-pass systems.

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