AllerAir AirMedic Pro 6 MG Vocarb UV Air Purifier

Model: AA-pro-6-MG-vocarb-uv
Part Number: all-ap-us1353
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Due to weather conditions All Allerair units and Carbon are delayed by at least 1 week.

AirMedic Pro 6 MG Vocarb UV focuses on VOCs (volatile organic compounds), chemicals, odors, and gases while the medical grade HEPA filters particulate matter too. The UV lamp offers added protection from mold and germs. Covers up to 1800 sq ft.

Wide spectrum protection at an outstanding value, this unit is recommended for areas where space is a main concern and noise is not - large bedroom, office, etc.

Formerly known as 6000 Vocarb with UV, 6000 D Vocarb with UV, 6000 D Vocarb with UV.

*Please note $100 additional charge for 220V and international plug which is not shown in US pricing.