Field Controls Air Purifier

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Field Controls Air Purifier

Field Controls Trio Portable Air Purifier includes 4 stage filtration system especially designed for odor and VOC reduction. PRO-Cell™ Technology is a patented technology that uses the PRO-Cell™ grid which magnifies the power of the UV lamp making the Field Controls Trio Portable one of the most powerful air purifiers on the market.

It is ideal for homes and offices without forced air duct-work or for extra protection in any room from numerous airborne contaminants, germs, odors, and VOCs. Also available as a 220V air purifier. Field Controls holds 7 patents on their PCO Process and Grid (Photocatalytic Oxidation design/technology).

Understanding HEPAs and micron levels: NASA Study

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The Field Controls Trio Portable air purifier is ideal for a wide array of applications such as the home or office, healthcare environments, print shops, salons, and fabric and carpet stores. (Formerly SP20C, Sun-Pure Portable, or Ultra-Sun Portable)