Air Purifiers for VOCs, Chemical Sensitivity, or MCS

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Air Purifiers for VOCs, Chemical Sensitivity, or MCS

When someone is suffering MCS (multiple chemical sensitivities) or is sensitive to VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and odors, finding the right air purifier is critical.

Carbon and TiO2 are excellent technologies to reduce unwanted VOCs, gases, and odors that many people are sensitive to. 
Blueair Smokestop Units are specifically designed for VOCs, gases, & odors so you'll want to select smokestop filter in the drop-down.
Airpura also offers exceptional products for specific chemical sensitivities, so if you know what you are sensitive to, let us know so we can find the best option for you.
To learn more about VOCs from the EPA, visit Understanding VOCs.
MCS Customers:  AllerAir, one of the brands we carry for MCS, even offers a MCS test kit so you can try various types of carbon to find the one that alleviates your symptoms best.
As of Sept. 2015, AllerAir no longer allows returns on MCS units because they are custom made and then MCS test kit is required to assure the best type of carbon is chosen for our customers.
Although UV is excellent for germs and mold, it is typically not recommended for MCS clients. 

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