Airpura G600DLX Maximum Chemical Adsorption for Chemically Sensitive Like MCS

Model: G600DLX
SKU: arp-ap-us1491
CARB Certified: Approved for sale to California
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Airpura 600/614 series is experiencing delays (6-8 weeks) due to supply chain issues. We HIGHLY recommend upgrading the motor to the 700/714 series for shorter leadtimes (1-2 weeks), a stronger motor, and a quieter motor, by simply adding the Motor Upgrade to any unit found hereThis upgrade does not affect the looks or the functionality of the units: it is strictly a different motor.

Airpura G600DLX Chemically Sensitive Air Purifier is an ideal air purifier for the typical home, office, or workshop. This high quality air purifier focuses on VOCs, gases, and odors.

Featuring German Carbon that has NO odor and is ideal for our more sensitive clients while still offering optimal filtration. 

Also featuring cotton prefilters.

Similar to the G600 but with a larger German Carbon canister and a HEPA Barrier for our most sensitive clients such as MCS.