Airpura German Carbon Filter - 26 lbs, 3 in. G600DLX Replacement No Odor

Model: APR-G-german-carbon-filter-26-lbs
SKU: arp-rf-us1488
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Airpura replacement carbon filter for G600DLX or any unit with a 26 lb carbon bed is a new German carbon designed to have no odor.  This carbon is 26 lbs and is a 3" bed and can go in any unit that contains a larger carbon canister. 

The strength of this carbon is that it has no odor and is ideal for highly sensitive clients.  It is not as designed to adsorb the chemicals as effectively as Airpura's other carbons such as F600DLX, or C600DLX etc.

Recommended to replace every 18- 24 months or as needed based on usage and contaminants.