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Downstream Effects of the California Wildfires: Are You at Risk?

With the spread of the recent California wildfires in the areas around San Diego, Los Angeles and San Bernadino, a huge amount of damage has been done. Though the people living in the areas directly adjacent to the active fires are all too well aware of the harm they are doing, there are also less obvious effects of these fires that, unfortunately, are much more widespread. These come predominantly from the smoke and ash the fires produce. As the wind picks up these by-products, it can spread them far away from the actual fires. Here's what you need to know about the downstream effects of the current California wildfires.  

  How Can Downstream Smoke and Ash Negatively Affect Health?

  Even in more normal levels, particulate matter is associated with a range of different upper and lower respiratory symptoms, ranging from coughing to general irritation. In the high levels that can be produced during major forest fires, particulate matter and smoke can increase the risk of cardiovascular issues and respiratory infections, such as influenza. These risks become all the worse for those suffering from chronic respiratory issues like asthma. The greatest problem associated with the ash and smoke being blown around California at the moment is that it can even affect people who are living far away from the areas where the wildfires are actually located.  

  How Far Are Smoke and Ash Spreading?

  Though the actual conditions vary based on wind conditions at any one time, poor air quality thanks to smoke and ash from the fires is currently affecting areas spread as far apart as Fresno and Sacramento. Much of the state of California is already under varying degrees of air advisories, and the conditions are unlikely to let up soon. Worse yet, the particulate matter created by fires can remain a problem for up to several weeks after those fires end. This leaves a great deal of the state dealing with a potentially medium-term air quality challenge.  

  How Should You Protect Yourself?

  If you live in one of the many areas that are experiencing poor air quality because of the ongoing California wildfires, there are several steps you should be taking to protect yourself. Some basic guidelines include:  
  •   Wear a protective mask outdoors (we recommend EnviroKlenz protective masks for best results)
  •   Keep your windows shut
  •   Don't spend more time outside than you have to
  •   Avoid outdoor exercise to prevent excess inhalation
  Though these guidelines will afford you some protection, there is still considerable danger in breathing air contaminated with by-products of the California wildfires. The best way to protect yourself is to use an air purifier to ensure that your home air is healthy, while at the same time continuing to limit your time outdoors. By doing so, you'll be able to control the quality of the air you breathe the vast majority of the time. To see our full lineup of recommended units, check out our page of air purifiers for wildfires.   For those who need an air purifier quickly due to health concerns, we recommend IQAir, Austin Air and EnviroKlenz units, all of which ship within 24 hours of ordering. Blueair purifiers are also generally fast, shipping within about 48 hours. The Field Controls TRIO also ships from California, making it a good option for those who need an air purifier quickly.   Need help figuring out what air purifier is best for you? Don't worry, we're here to help. Feel free to contact us directly, and we'll be happy to answer all of your questions and help you pick out the air purifier that is best for your needs.      

Get Huge Savings on Our Most Popular Air Purifiers!

Even though it has been two weeks since Black Friday, the holiday season is still just getting started, and so are the savings! That's why we're pleased to announce a new round of deals on some of our most popular air purifiers, as well as an extension on one of the best deals of the season. Keep reading to see some of the awesome deals you can find this holiday season at US Air Purifiers.  

  EnviroKlenz Air Purifier Special Continues

  One of the deals that we're continuing to offer is on the popular EnviroKlenz air purifier with three bonus VOC cartridges. This unit, normally $947, is on sale for just $650. If someone on your gift list needs an excellent air purifier for removing gases, odors and even particulate matter without adding chemicals back into the air, this is an excellent solution. The EnviroKlenz uses a specialized filtration system to eliminate impurities of all kinds from home air without chemical treatments. For this reason, it's ideal for those suffering from severe asthma or chemical sensitivities. Of course, thanks to its high-quality filtration, it's also a great gift for those who just want to be sure the air they're breathing is as clean as possible.  

  US Air Purifiers Gift Cards on Top Brands

  As if our EnviroKlenz deal wasn't good enough, we're also offering a gift card deal on some of our top air purifiers. With the purchase of one of the units that are part of our extended Black Friday sale, you can receive a $50 or $100 gift card that can be used toward any other purchase. Whether you want to get yourself an air purifier or cover the cost of new filters for your gift recipient, you'll have some extra spending power here to do it with. Visit our extended Black Friday page for full details on this gift card deal.   Need help deciding what air purifiers are best for the people on your gift list this holiday season? Don't worry, we're here to help. Feel free to contact us with your questions, and we'll be happy to help you pick out the perfect air cleaning system for your loved one.

COPD and Air Purifiers: What You Need to Know

In recent years, a much greater understanding has developed of the effects that unclean air can have on human health. Even such conditions as kidney and bowel cancer, which do not seem to be intuitively linked to air quality, have been shown to have their risk rates substantially increased by air pollution. Another condition that has been linked to poor air quality is COPD, or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Here's what people living with COPD should know about how the quality of the air they breathe might be affecting them and how use of a proper air purification system can help.  

  How is COPD Connected to Low Air Quality?

  Air pollution affects COPD in two discrete ways. The first, and most obvious, is the effect it has on those who already suffer from the condition. Owing to the breathing difficulties that COPD sufferers already deal with, ambient pollution in the air they breathe has the potential to worsen symptoms of the disorder. A 2016 scientific review and analysis of 59 studies into the links between air quality and COPD found that even short-term exposure to common air pollutants, such as those created by car exhaust, could significantly increase the risk of exacerbated symptoms. Worse yet, the effects of poor air quality are far from confined to outdoor air. A 2006 study found that fine particulate matter in indoor air could worsen the overall health of those suffering from severe COPD.   The second way in which poor air quality can have an effect on COPD is by increasing the risk of its development. Recent research has shown that air pollution is likely a major contributing factor in the risk of COPD. In particular, exposure to high levels of pollution from traffic exhaust has been identified as a major indicator of COPD risk.  

   Can an Air Purifier Help?

  Given this information about the effects of poor air quality on COPD patients, the question naturally arises of whether conventional air purifiers can help. Although specific studies into the efficacy of air purifiers for COPD patients have yet to be conducted, there is substantial reason to believe that the use of proper air cleaning systems can help to reduce the symptoms of the disease. By removing the pollutants and particulate matter that contribute to exacerbated COPD symptoms from home air, a high-quality air purifier may help to keep the condition under control.   Medical consensus on the effectiveness of better air quality in helping patients with COPD is sufficient that the COPD Foundation and the Centers for Disease Control list air filtration and the removal of home air pollutants (respectively) as means of treating the disease. The Environmental Protection Agency also recommends air filtration as a protective measure against high levels of the fine particulate matter that has been identified as a contributing factor in worsened symptoms and identifies COPD patients among the most at-risk individuals when ambient particulate matter levels go too high.

Happy Thanksgiving From US Air Purifiers!

It's officially the start of yet another holiday season, and we at US Air Purifiers would just like to take a moment to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! Here's hoping that all of you who are reading this will get the chance to eat some great food and spend time with loved ones today.   We'd also like to take this chance to remind you that we have some incredible Black Friday air purifier specials that you can still take advantage of during tomorrow's shopping holiday and through the rest of November. We're very excited about the special savings we're able to offer our customers this year, so please feel free to check out our great inventory of deals, including:  
  • $70 off Airfree Air Fit 800
  • $200 off Airfree Lotus
  • Almost $300 off EnviroKlenz with 3 bonus filters
  • 10 percent off Airpura P600+
  • $50 US Air Purifier gift card with purchase of Austin Air Healthmate or Healthmate Plus
  We also have our limited-time special on twin packs of the Airfree Onix air purifier for just $319. Normally a $598 value, this two-pack is an easy way to get a great deal on presents for two people on your list at once. The small size of the Onix makes it perfect for bedrooms, offices and small apartments. It's also a great air purifier for dorm rooms, in case you have a college student to buy for. This deal is only available through November 30th, or until our limited supply runs out. Be sure to get yours early so you don't miss out!   If you have any questions about our Black Friday and Cyber Monday specials, please feel free to get in touch with us for answers and personalized product recommendations. And, once again, from our family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving and a great holiday season!

Black Friday Deals from US Air Purifiers

It's almost the holiday season again, and we at US Air Purifiers are already excited! As always, we have some great deals to offer our customers for the Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping holidays. We've teamed up with some of our top brands to help you give the gift of clean air to friends, loved ones or even yourself this holiday season.  

  Top Black Friday Deals from Airfree

  One of the most popular brands we sell is Airfree, a maker of filterless air purifiers that use thermal ceramic cores to eliminate everything from dust to bacteria and viruses. Some of our best deals this season have been brought to us by Airfree, including:  
  • Airfree Lotus: Normally $399, now only $199!
  • Airfree Iris 3000: Normally $329, now only $179!
  • Airfree Air Fit 800: Normally $169, now only $99!
  Want to buy an air purifier for more than one person on your shopping list? We've also got a two-pack from Airfree that is perfect for you! For just $319, you'll receive two Airfree Onix P thermal air purifiers, normally a $598 value! Please note that supplies of this twin pack are limited, so be sure to get yours while you still can. This is a special holiday offer that will only be available from November 17th through November 30th.  

EnviroKlenz Black Friday Special

  Another one of our favorite air purifier brands, EnviroKlenz, will also be on special this gift-giving season. The standard EnviroKlenz air purifier with three high-quality VOC filters normally costs $947. For our customers, though, no deal is too good, which is why the same model with the three bonus filters is being offered for just $650. At a savings of nearly $300, it's a deal that's going to be tough for us to top!   Have questions about any of our Black Friday specials? Check out our Black Friday page for all of our deals and links to product specifications. Need product recommendations for your friends or family members who need air purifiers? Don't worry, we're here to help. Feel free to contact us directly, and we'll help you pick out the perfect air purifier for your loved one.

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