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Study Finds That Residents of Asia Are Exposed to 9 Times More Air Pollution than Americans

A new study conducted by the University of Surrey has revealed some startling statistics about the rate of air pollution exposure in Asian nations. Though it was already a well-known fact that Asian residents were exposed to more air pollution on average than either Americans or Europeans, the new research concluded that the difference was much larger than previously thought.   This study found that Asian citizens and more specifically those who drive vehicles regularly are exposed to as much as nine times the amount of overall air pollution that their American counterparts are on a daily basis. Most important were disparities in exposure to particulate matter, a form of air pollution that is particularly harmful to humans. The study concluded that Asian cities, especially Hong Kong, had levels of ultra-fine particulate matter that were up to four times higher than cities in other developed parts of the world. Indian cities such as New Delhi were also heavily exposed, with traffic pollution there producing up to five times the amount of black carbon particulate matter as in American and European cities.   These extremely high rates of air pollution exposure are leading to serious negative health outcomes in Asian countries. In low-income Asian countries, the World Health Organization estimates that roughly 88 percent of premature deaths are linked directly or indirectly to air pollution exposure. As the number of vehicles on Asian roads continues to rise in the coming years, there's a good chance that these numbers will only increase as a result.   These statistics clearly illustrate why it's so important for residents of Asian countries to find ways to protect themselves from the air pollution they are exposed to every day. If you live in China or India, a home air purifier is even more essential to you than it is to residents of less-polluted nations. Luckily, several of our top-quality air purifiers can be shipped to these two countries upon request. Feel free to contact us directly about the units we can ship to these countries and for personalized product recommendations.

New Airpura G600 and G600DLX

Airpura is one of our favorite brands of high-quality air purifiers, which is why we're happy to announce that we've added the Airpura G600 and Airpura G600DLX to our selection. These units are particularly good for people with chemical sensitivities and severe asthma. Here's what you need to know about these two great units.  

  Airpura G600

  The Airpura G600 is a 2,000 square foot air purifier that performs two air changes each hour. The filtration system is built on the Airpura R600 platform, but includes a cotton prefilter and a German carbon bed for even greater purification. The G600 also features a true HEPA filter to remove harmful and irritating particles from the air. This system produces no odors whatsoever, making it excellent for clients who are extremely sensitive. At $799.98, the Airpura G600 is also a great value for its overall quality level.  

  Airpura G600DLX

  If you suffer from the most severe types of chemical sensitivity or asthma, the Airpura G600DLX is an air purifier that is specifically designed for your needs. This unit shares most of the characteristics of the G600, but has a 26-pound carbon bed, as opposed to the 18 pounds of the G600. This extra carbon filtration captures even more gases, chemicals and VOCs. For people who deal with extreme sensitivities, the G600DLX is an ideal solution. Best of all, this upgraded carbon bed doesn't cost clients who buy the G600DLX an arm and a leg. This unit is available for $849.98, just $50 more than the standard G600.   Both the Airpura G600 and G600DLX are great options for people who need high levels of air purification to deal with respiratory conditions. Have questions about these or any of our other great air purifiers? We're here to help. Please feel free to contact us with your questions, and we'll be happy to help you pick out an air purifier that will best suit your personal needs.

Save Money on Air Purifiers With Our Fourth of July Sale!

Independence Day is coming up, and we at US Air Purifiers can't wait! Starting this week, we're able to offer our customers some incredible deals on air purification systems for their homes and offices. Here are some of the great Fourth of July savings you can access this coming week.  


  One of our best deals is a special savings on our Airpura models. When you buy an Airpura air purifier, you can bundle it with up to three replacement parts that will be discounted by a whopping 40 percent. This deal will help you save money on air purifier maintenance and ensure you have the parts you need to keep your air purifier running well for years to come. To use this offer, type the code "Bundle40" in the comment field at checkout. This promotion will run from July 4th through July 18th.  


  Airpura isn't the only brand that's putting on great deals for the holiday. EnviroKlenz is currently offer three free VOC filters with the purchase of one of its air purification units. If you've been eyeing an EnviroKlenz air purifier, now is the time to buy! This offer lasts from June 29th until July 18th.  


  Last but not least, Airfree is offering substantial savings on some of its popular filterless air purifiers. From June 29th through July 9th, both the Airfree Iris and the Airfree T800 will be on sale. These purifiers are extremely popular for small spaces, especially since they require no regular maintenance.   These great deals make now the perfect time to get a new air purifier to keep the air you and your family breathe healthy. If you have any questions about these amazing offers or about which air purifier is right for you, don't hesitate to contact us for answers. From all of us here at US Air Purifiers, Happy Independence Day!

What Major Cities Have the Worst Air Quality in America?

Air pollution is a problem that is unique to every local area. The quality of air varies based on a number of factors ranging from the level of traffic in an area to its air temperature. As a result, the overall quality of air in a given place is a very dynamic thing. However, there are some cities that consistently have low performance in terms of air quality. Here are four of the cities that have the worst air quality in America today, according to data compiled by the American Lung Association.  

  Los Angeles, California

  Ranking #1 in ozone, #4 in year-round particulate matter and #7 in short-term particulate matter, Los Angeles has some of the worst air quality in America by several different measures. This is somewhat unsurprising, given that it is the second most populous city in the country, and therefore has high concentrations of cars, people and businesses that produce pollution.  

  Fairbanks, Alaska

  One doesn't normally think of Alaska as being particularly polluted, but the city of Fairbanks ranks #1 in year-round particulate matter pollution and #4 in short terms particulate matter. The city does, however, rate very low in the ozone category, which balances out its overall ranking.  

  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

  Pittsburgh has a reputation for low air quality that dates back to its days as a major industrial city. Though the city has improved a great deal since then, it still has some of the highest levels of overall particulate matter pollution in the nation. The greater Pittsburgh area rates #8 in year-round particulate matter and #10 in short-term.  

  Bakersfield, California

  Situated north of Los Angeles, Bakersfield is likely the city in America with the worst overall air quality. Bakersfield rates #2 in ozone, #3 in year-round particulate matter and #1 in short-term particulate pollution.  

  What Should You Do if You Live in One of These Cities?

  If you live in one of the cities that have the worst air quality in America, you should be using a home air purifier to protect yourself. A good air purifier can remove particulate matter and VOCs from the air, allowing you to breathe easier. If you have questions about which air purifier is right for you, feel free to contact us, and we'll help you pick out the right unit for your specific needs.        

5 Strange (but True) Negative Effects of Air Pollution

Air pollution is one of the most common public health concerns of our time. At this point, almost everyone knows that it is bad for respiratory health and the environment, but there's much more to the picture than meets the eye. In practically every area of life, air pollution has effects that recent research has brought to light. Here are five of the strangest negative effects of air pollution you probably weren't aware of.  

  Reducing Worker Productivity

  As unrelated as office productivity and air pollution may sound, studies have shown that there is a strong connection. Workers in every type of working environment, from factories to farms to high-rise office buildings, are less productive when air pollution levels are higher. The exact mechanism that produces this connection isn't yet known, but it is a cause for concern among businesses of all sorts.  

  Increasing School Absenteeism

  Another of the negative effects of air pollution that is usually overlooked is its ability to increase school absenteeism. Studies have shown that ozone exposure is responsible for children missing more days of school per year. This, in turn, can have negative effects on educational outcomes.  

  Damaging Building Materials

  The negative effects of air pollution don't just apply to your body. Building materials are also subject to increased wear and damage when exposed to certain types of pollution. Pollutants deposited on buildings can increase corrosion and cause damage over time. At the moment, no hard estimates of the total cost per year of this damage exist. However, universities and organizations are working on methods to quantify the overall damage.  

 Jeopardizing Agriculture

  Believe it or not, air pollution may be slowly putting the world's food supply at risk. Staple crops, especially wheat and soybeans, have been shown to be quite sensitive to ozone exposure. This fact may render such crops susceptible to output reduction as air pollution levels continue to rise.  

  Reducing Water Quality

  A final surprising twist on the negative effects of air pollution is the fact that pollutants in the air can easily work their way into water. When rain falls, it can pick up contaminants from air pollution and transfer them into water resources. In this way, pollutants put into the air can become water pollution.   These are just a few of the negative effects of air pollution that most people aren't even aware of. From health to food to economic productivity, air pollution has consequences in almost every area of our lives. If you want to protect yourself from air pollution, a home air purifier is a solution you should definitely look into. For offices and work facilities, there are also commercial air purification systems that will keep your employees healthy and productive.

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