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US Air Purifiers LLC is a US, small business that is family owned by a female (WOSB) and a disabled, retired veteran. Our 5 Star customer rating and A+ BBB review among other certificates originate from our basic business philosophy, the backbone of our company; Treat each and every customer the way we want to be treated. (continue reading)

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Here Are the 3 Best Office Desk Air Purifiers

Over the last year, the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has made indoor air quality a major area of focus in practically every workplace. As a result, more and more businesses and individual workers have been looking into air purification solutions. One option that is frequently overlooked, though, is using desktop air purifiers to offer extra protection in the workplace. Here's what you need to know about small-sized air purifiers you can use at your workstation and three of our picks for the best office desk air purifiers.  

Why Should You Use a Desktop Air Purifier?

  Even before COVID-19 began sweeping across the world, office air quality was a serious cause for concern. Indoor air pollution from chemical cleaners, mold, dust and other sources is well-known as a contributing factor to poor employee health.   Now, there's even more reason to use air purifiers in the office. In June, a survey found that about half of America's office workers were reluctant to return to work due to concerns related to the virus. Little has changed since then, and many professionals are still worried that they could be taking on outsized risks by returning to work.   Although offices should invest in commercial air purifiers to keep their staff safe, there's also a strong argument to be made for desktop air purifiers. These small units can help to keep the air immediately surrounding them cleaner, allowing you to breathe higher-quality air at your desk. Using one can be especially helpful if you suffer from allergies, asthma or other chronic respiratory conditions.  

Our Best Office Desk Air Purifiers

  As you can probably imagine, an air purifier must be both small and extremely quiet to be used on an office desk. Although it's important to maintain high air quality in your workplace, you still need to have ample room and a quiet environment in which to work. Below, you'll find our top 3 best office desk air purifiers that can help to give you better air quality at work without taking up too much space or creating a noisy work environment.  

Airfree Onix 3000

The Airfree Onix 3000 is a filterless air purifier that uses a thermal core to destroy solid contaminants in the air. Bacteria, mold spores, viruses, dust, pollen and other solid materials can all be caught and neutralized by this innovative air purifier. The Onix's filterless system also makes it completely silent. At just 10.4 inches high by 8.4 inches wide, this air purifier is small enough to fit comfortably at just about any work station. The only real downside of this air purifier is that it doesn't have the capacity to tackle gaseous contaminants like odors or VOCs.  

Vortex LED Air Purifier Lamp

  maintenance free air purifier lamp   In talking about the best office desk air purifiers, it's almost impossible not to list the Vortex LED Air Purifier Lamp. This high-quality lamp and air purifier combination is perfect for office use. Like the Onix, the Vortex is a good choice for dealing with solid contaminants, including viruses and bacteria.   In addition to its capabilities as an air purifier, the Vortex is an extremely useful LED lamp. With noise-reducing technology, the lamp prevents the undulating hum that some lamps give off. It can also be used in both daylight and nighttime modes, allowing you to set the temperature of the light you want.  

Amaircare Roomaid VOC

    Last but certainly not least among the air purifiers you may want to consider putting on your desk is the Amaircare Roomaid VOC. This air purifier measures just 7.5 inches high and 8.5 inches wide, but it still incorporates the great filtration technology Amaircare has come to be known for. Unlike the two units listed above, the Roomaid VOC uses both a HEPA and a carbon filter. As a result, this tiny yet powerful air purifier can target both solids and gases that negatively impact air quality in an office setting.   In addition, the Roomaid model features durable all-steel construction and an optional car adapter that allows it to be used in your vehicle.   Have questions about our best office desk air purifiers or how they can help to improve the quality of the air you breathe at work? We're here to help! Feel free to contact us for answers to your questions and personalized product recommendations based on your unique needs.

EnviroKlenz Air Purifier Alternative Choices

We apologize for no longer carrying the following EnviroKlenz products and filters, but can help you find competitive products.  Contact us directly for direct help.

EnviroKlenz Air Purifier Models

  • EnviroKlenz Mobile 220V Air Purifier, env-ap-us1343
  • EnviroKlenz Mobile Air Purifier, env-ap-us1338
  • EnviroKlenz Mobile Air Purifier PLUS 3 Bonus VOC Cartridges, env-ap-us1337
  • EnviroKlenz Mobile Air Purifier with UV, env-ap-us1447
  • EnviroKlenz UV Lamp Set, UV Bulb, env-rf-us1530

EnviroKlenz Air Purifier Filter Replacements

  • EnviroKlenz HEPA Filter, env-rf-us1340
  • EnviroKlenz HVAC Air Filter Cartridge, env-rf-us1342
  • EnviroKlenz Face Mask for VOCs, Gases, and Odors, env-pt-us1356
  • EnviroKlenz VOC Cartridge, VOC Filter, env-rf-us1339

Air purifier products to consider as alternatives

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BlueAir Air Purifier Alternative Choices

We apologize for no longer carrying the following BlueAir products and filters, but can help you find competitive products.  Contact us directly for direct help.

BlueAir Air Purifier Models

  • Blueair 203 Slim HEPA Air Purifier, blu-ap-us1089
  • Blueair 205 HEPA Air Purifier - Improved 203 Classic, blu-ap-us1306
  • Blueair 211 + Replacement Particle and Foldable Carbon Mesh Filter, blu-rf-us1446
  • Blueair 403 HEPA Air Purifier, blu-ap-us1090
  • Blueair 405 HEPA Air Purifier - Improved 403 Classic, blu-ap-us1307
  • Blueair 450E Digital HEPA Air Purifier, blu-ap-us1091
  • Blueair 480i Classic HEPA with DualProtection Filter - Improved 450 Classic, blu-ap-us1497
  • Blueair 503 HEPA Air Purifier. blu-ap-us1092
  • Blueair 505 HEPA Air Purifier - Improved 503 Classic. blu-ap-us1308
  • Blueair 603 HEPA Air Purifier, blu-ap-us1093
  • Blueair 605 HEPA Air Purifier - Improved 603 Classic, blu-ap-us1309
  • Blueair 650E Digital HEPA Air Purifier, blu-ap-us1094
  • Blueair Air Intelligence Module, AIM, for Pro M and Pro L, blu-pt-us1265
  • Blueair Aware IAQ Meter and Monitor, blu-iaq-test-us1279
  • Blueair Blue Pure 121 HEPA Air Purifier, blu-ap-us1358
  • Blueair Blue Pure 211+ air purifier Particle with Carbon Foldable Filter, blu-ap-us1359
  • Blueair ECO10 - HEPA Air Purifier, blu-ap-us1087
  • Blueair Pro L Air Purifier, blu-ap-us1269
  • Blueair Pro M Air Purifier, blu-ap-us1271
  • Blueair Pro XL Air Purifier, blu-ap-us1258

BlueAir Air Purifier Filter Replacements

  • Blueair 200 / 300 Series DualProtection Filter Replacement, blu-rf-us1082
  • Blueair 200 / 300 Series Particle Filter Replacement, blu-rf-us1081
  • Blueair 400 Series DualProtection Filter Replacement, blu-rf-us1084
  • Blueair 400 Series Particle Filter Replacement, blu-rf-us1083
  • Blueair 500 / 600 Series DualProtection Filter Replacement [3-Pack], blu-rf-us1086
  • Blueair 500 / 600 Series Particle Filter Replacement [3-Pack], blu-rf-us1085
  • Blueair 6 mon Combo Filter Set for Pro L Particle Plus Carbon Filter, blu-combo-1509
  • Blueair 6 mon Combo Filter Set for Pro L Smokestop Plus Carbon Filter, blu-combo-1510
  • Blueair 6 mon Combo Filter Set for Pro M Particle Plus Carbon Filter, blu-combo-1507
  • Blueair 6 mon Combo Filter Set for Pro M Smokestop Plus Carbon Filter. blu-combo-1508
  • Blueair 6 mon Combo Filter Set for Pro XL Particle Plus Carbon Filter, blu-combo-1511
  • Blueair 6 mon Combo Filter Set for Pro XL Smokestop Plus Carbon Filter. blu-combo-1512
  • Blueair Blue Pure 121 Particle and Carbon Filter, blu-rf-us1432
  • Blueair BLUE Pure 121 Particle Filter, blu-rf-us1431
  • Blueair BLUE Pure 211 Combination Filter, blu-rf-us1430
  • Blueair BLUE Pure 211 Particle Filter, blu-rf-us1429
  • Blueair BLUE Pure 211 PreFilter - Colored Outer Filter, blu-rf-us1428
  • Blueair ECO10 Particle Filter Replacement [3-Pack], blu-rf-us1088
  • Blueair Pro L Carbon+ Filter, blu-rf-us1267
  • Blueair Pro L Particle Filter, blu-rf-us1260
  • Blueair Pro L Smokestop Filter, blu-rf-us1263
  • Blueair Pro M Carbon+ Filter, blu-rf-us1268
  • Blueair Pro M Particle Filter, blu-rf-us1259
  • Blueair Pro M Smokestop Filter, blu-rf-us1262
  • Blueair Pro XL Carbon+ Filter, blu-rf-us1266
  • Blueair Pro XL Particle Filter, blu-rf-us1261
  • Blueair Pro XL Smokestop Filter, blu-rf-us1264
  • Blueair Wall Mount for Pro XL, blu-pt-us1270

Air purifier products to consider as alternatives

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Is an Air Purifier a Good Investment?

One of the biggest hurdles when thinking about buying an air purifier is trying to decide whether or not it's worth the money. We get it, an air purifier can be a fairly big investment. With that said, there's a very strong argument to be made that home air purifiers are worth every penny. Here's what you need to know if you've found yourself asking "is an air purifier a good investment?"  

What Can You Expect to Spend on an Air Purifier?

  The answer to this question largely depends on which air purifier you're planning to buy. For a residential unit, a budget of up to $1,000 will give you plenty of great options, though you can definitely get away with less if necessary. The Rabbit Air Minus A2 series, for instance, starts at $549.95, making it a great value option.  

What Are the Costs of Not Using an Air Purifier?

  Although most people think of air purifiers only in terms of removing odors and allergens, they can actually have impacts on overall health as well. Air purifiers that filter out fine particulate matter, nitrogen dioxide and other forms of air pollution may help to improve cardiovascular and pulmonary health. Use of air purifiers has been associated with improvements in cases of high blood pressure, a leading risk factor for heart attacks and strokes.   Needless to say, air pollution imposes costs in the form of increased healthcare requirements. People suffering from chronic diseases contributed to by air pollution will spend more and healthcare and be able to work less over the course of their lives.  

So, Is an Air Purifier a Good Investment?

  Overall, an air purifier can be a very good investment in your personal health and well-being, especially if you live in a heavily polluted area. While you have to decide for yourself whether or not an air purifier is right for you, we believe that buying one is a worthwhile investment to keep yourself healthier in the long term.   Have questions about air purifiers? We're here to help! Feel free to contact us for answers and personalized product recommendations based on your needs.

IQAir Air Purifier Alternative Choices

We apologize for no longer carrying the following IQAir products and filters, but can help you find competitive products.  Contact us directly for direct help.

IQAir Air Purifier Models

  • IQAir GC MultiGas Air Purifier System New Edition, Model 1CCUB0HGB
  • IQAir HealthPro Plus Air Purifier System New Edition, Model 1BBUA0DGU
  • IQAir HealthPro Air Purifier System New Edition, Model 1BAUA0CGU
  • IQAir HealthPro Compact Air Purifier System New Edition, Model 1AGUA0RGU

IQAir Air Purifier Filter Replacements

  • IQAir AirVisual Pro IAQ Meter and Monitor, Model 360100006
  • IQAir GC MultiGas Series Gas Cartridges, Model 102401600
  • IQAir GC MultiGas Series H11 HyperHEPA PreFilter, Model 102101200
  • IQAir GC MultiGas Series Post-Filter Sleeves, Model 102501000
  • IQAir HealthPro Series HyperHEPA Filter, Model 102141400
  • IQAir HealthPro Series PreMax PreFilter, Model 102101000
  • IQAir V5-Cell Gas and Odor Filter, Model 102181000

Air purifier products to consider as alternatives

  • Coming soon

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