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Portable Commercial Air Purifiers: Our Top Mobile Units for Industrial Use

Many businesses, from hair salons to industrial factories, need air purification systems to keep their work environments safe and free of harmful contaminants. While this calls for commercial-grade air purification, it's also still important for many business users that their air purifiers still be relatively easy to move from place to place as needed. Luckily, there are many options available for businesses that need portable commercial air purifiers. Here are a few of the top mobile air purifiers for business, commercial and industrial usage.  

  What Qualifies as a Portable Commercial Air Purifier?

  Before listing off some of our top picks in this category, it's important to clarify what is meant by a portable commercial air purifier. Though most air purification systems for larger facilities are fairly large and heavy, many are made with either casters or wheeled carts underneath them. These are the units that are said to be portable, since they can be moved around within a business facility fairly easily. Other types of commercial air purifiers include units that occupy fixed places somewhere on the floor of a facility and those that are integrated directly into the building's ventilation system.  

  Electrocorp RAP and RSU Series

  Electrocorp makes several different models of commercial air purifiers equipped with rolling casters for easy mobility. These units, spread across the company's RSU and RAP range, offer several excellent features, including 10 micron prefilters and up to 120 pounds of activated carbon for odor, gas and VOC filtration in industrial environments.  

  Amaircare 6000V Vocarb Airwash

  The Amaircare 6000V Vocarb Airwash is a portable commercial air purifier offers high-level carbon filtration to target gases and VOCs, making it ideal for use in welding and print shops and other industrial facilities. The unit is fitted onto a tube steel cart that makes it very easy to move. In total, the Amaircare 6000V Vocarb can cover up to 36,000 square feet, giving it enough capacity for most small to medium-sized business operations.  

  Amaircare 4000

  Businesses with larger budgets aren't the only ones with the need for air purification systems. That's why the Amaircare 4000, which costs just $999, is a great option for smaller enterprises that need a portable commercial air purifier. Capable of covering up to 18,000 square feet, the Amaircare 4000 is great for smaller shops and businesses. The unit also comes in either a combination carbon/HEPA format for targeting both VOCs and particulates or an all-carbon format to focus on heavy VOCs.   These are just a few of the excellent commercial air purifiers you can find here at US Air Purifiers. If your business needs a portable commercial air purifier, feel free to contact us with any questions you may have and we'll be happy to help you pick out the perfect unit for your needs.

Improve Outdoor Air Quality: How to Reduce Air Pollution in Your Neighborhood

Improving the quality of the air you breathe in your home is a relatively simple matter, but what about the air outside? Because outdoor air is affected by so many different things and circulates constantly, it is much harder to control than indoor air. Nevertheless, there are some steps you and your neighbors can take to clean up the air in your neighborhood. Here's what you need to know to improve outdoor air quality and make your neighborhood a cleaner, healthier place to live.  

  Why Should You Care About Outdoor Air Quality?

  Given that you can much more easily improve your indoor air quality using a residential air purifier, you might be wondering why you should go to the effort of targeting the air outside your home. The most pressing reason to improve outdoor air quality is that it will help protect you from air pollution when you are outside your home. Whenever you perform activities like jogging, gardening or even washing your car, you are potentially exposing yourself to air pollution that could negatively affect your health. Another reason to work on improving outdoor air quality in your neighborhood is that it gives you an extra layer of protection in your home, since all of your indoor air ultimately comes in from the outside.  

  How Can You Improve Outdoor Air Quality?

  The first step in making the air in your neighborhood better is to determine what sources of pollution may be affecting it. Local government data may help you identify problems in your area. You can also contact local colleges or universities that may have done air quality studies in your area. This information should help you identify major pollutants in your area.   Next, you need to get your neighbors on board with helping to clean up your neighborhood's air. If there are businesses operating in your area that may be contributing to the air pollution problem, it's also a good idea to approach them about ways to balance out their needs with the air quality in your community. Between them, your neighbors and local businesses can start to slowly eliminate major sources of air pollution that you've identified.   One easy step that everyone in your neighborhood can take to clean it up is to plant extra trees around the area. Trees can absorb pollutants and carbon dioxide, making them extremely useful for improving air quality. In addition, trees will make your neighborhood look for aesthetically appealing.   Keep in mind that there will be some sources you can't do much about. If, for example, you live right next to an interstate highway or major road, there isn't much you can do about the exhaust that will blow into your neighborhood. Make an effort to improve outdoor air quality isn't about achieving perfection, but pitching in with your friends and neighbors to make what improvements you reasonably can.   Though you can successfully make an impact on your neighborhood's outdoor air quality, the quality of the air inside your house is still much easier to control. While you work on your neighborhood, be sure to keep using a good indoor air purifier and an indoor air quality meter to keep the air you breathe most often clean and healthy.      

Are BetterAir Probiotics Interchangeable? Your Guide to Using BetterAir Formulas

Since they first came onto the market, BetterAir's probiotic-based air purifiers have remained one of the most innovative air cleaning tools around. Despite their popularity, many people still have questions about these air purifiers, what they do and exactly how they work. Today, we're setting out to answer one of the most common questions about these units, which is whether or not BetterAir probiotics are interchangeable between different models.  

  Why We Don't Recommend Interchanging BetterAir Probiotics

  Ultimately, switching probiotic cartridges between different BetterAir models isn't recommended. The reason for this is that different models use slightly different methods of disbursing their probiotic sprays. Because of this, each probiotic cartridge is made with a slightly different viscosity that is optimized for a particular delivery system. By switching BetterAir probiotics out for cartridges that aren't made for your specific unit, you could be compromising how effectively your BetterAir purifier is distributing its probiotic blend.   Another thing to keep in mind about BetterAir probiotics is the fact that the actual formulas vary between individual products. For example, some probiotic cartridges contain seven different probiotic strains, while others contain only four. For this reason, it's important to use the right cartridge for your unit in order to see the optimal results that that unit is designed for.  

  Why BetterAir Purifiers Are Still Great

  Even though it may seem slightly inconvenient to use one very specific type of probiotic in your BetterAir unit, these air cleaner are still great for keeping you and your family healthy. Probiotics have shown considerable promise in promoting immune and gastrointestinal health. With BetterAir probiotics, you also get the advantage of having the probiotic blend distributed onto the surfaces in your home, which helps to keep contaminants to a minimum.   If you have other questions about Betterair probiotics or air purifiers, please feel free to contact us by phone or email, and we'll be happy to provide answers and help you select the right unit for your needs.   Also, don't forget to check out our daily deals page for a rotating assortment of great bargains on air purifiers and accessories!

Foobot Found to Beat Most Commercial Air Quality Monitors in New Study

The Foobot home air quality monitor recently ranked among the four most effective air quality meters in a study conducted at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. The study aimed to find out which, if any, commercial air quality monitors were effective in detecting particulate matter from a wide range of common indoor sources. Here's what you should know about this study, how the Foobot stacked up and why indoor air quality monitors are important.  

  What Did the Study Measure?

  The new Lawrence Berkeley study compared seven commercial air quality monitors, each of which used common, mass-produced particle detectors. Each of the seven units was tested to see whether it was effective in detecting particulate matter from sources that included ambient dust, burning incense, candles, cigarettes and various types of cooking. For control purposes, specialized laboratory sensors were used to obtain accurate readings of the level of particulate matter from each source. The ability of the commercial monitors to detect changes in air quality was then measured.  

  How Did Foobot Measure Up?

  Of the seven commercial monitors, the Foobot indoor air quality monitor was found to be one of only four that quantitatively measured particle output from all large sources effectively. The measure of effectiveness used by the study's authors was detection of PM 2.5, or particulate matter with an average diameter of 2.5 micrometers. In more common terms, this is what is known as "fine particulate matter." Two units detected most sources but failed to produce quantifiable results, while one unit was found to be ineffective altogether. The four units that passed the PM 2.5 test were deemed by the authors to be suitable for monitoring indoor air quality.   Foobot's success in this test, however, didn't stop with being one of the four air quality monitors that was found to be effective. In fact, Foobot finished in the top two, coming it at an almost perfect tie with the other most effective indoor air quality meter. The Foobot unit was even able to detect cooking events using its VOC meter, which enabled it to outperform other units that could only detect particles.  

  Why Was This Study Important?

  This study produced some fairly important findings when it comes to using monitors to track and improve your indoor air quality. Firstly, it clearly showed that not all monitors are equally effective, making it important that buyers know exactly what they're getting when they go shopping for an air quality meter. It also demonstrated that, even among the units found to be effective, Foobot stands out as one of the best. Though this was already well-known, the study also illustrated the point that even very common indoor activities, such as cooking or burning candles, can produce harmful particulate matter that should be carefully monitored and controlled in order to promote optimal health.   If you want to keep a more careful eye on the quality of your indoor air using the Foobot unit, you can get it right here on!

Learn More About Foobot!

  If you have any questions about monitoring your home air or using an air purifier to improve it, please feel free to contact us directly for answers and personalized product recommendations.

Air Purifiers for Old Houses: What Your Older Home Needs

Owning an older home is always a mixed bag of good and bad. On the one hand, you have the immense charm and character that only older houses provide. On the other, you have the many different problems that old houses bring, such as higher upkeep costs. One thing that is definitely in the "bad" column is the air quality in older houses. Here's what you need to know about the best air purifiers for old houses.  

  Why Are Older Homes a Problem?

  Though there's nothing inherently wrong with most older houses, their age can cause several air-related complications. An older house, for instance, is more likely to have hidden mold that has grown in hard-to-reach places over the decades. Aging materials can also be a problem. If your house's walls are plaster, there may be areas that are damaged and crumbling, releasing small bits of plaster dust into the air in the process.   There are also cases where the construction materials themselves are dangerous. For example, some older houses still have asbestos insulation in them. If this is the case, though, you need professional removal. Air purifiers for old houses can help you deal with regular problems, but the presence of a dangerous substance in your home's structure will likely require more specialized solutions.  

  Some of the Best Air Purifiers for Old Houses

  The air problems in older homes usually include a mix of particulates, organic contaminants and, in some cases, odors and VOCs. This means that the best air purifiers for old homes are usually those that remove the largest number of different contaminants. Some of our top broad-spectrum residential units include:   Field Controls TRIO: Featuring carbon, HEPA and UV filtration, the Field Controls TRIO is a medical-grade air purifier brought down to a small, portable format. IQAir Multigas: Through the use of a gas filtering cartridge and IQAir's HyperHEPA technology, this air purifier offers some of the most comprehensive protection on the market. EnviroKlenz: When it comes to gases and odors, it's hard to beat the EnviroKlenz. This air purifier is extremely effective at removing VOCs, and also offers HEPA filtration to help combat particulates.   Though these are some of the best air purifiers for old houses, your home may have special requirements. If you aren't sure what unit you need, please feel free to ask contact us with your questions. We'll be happy to answer whatever questions we can and help your find the perfect air purifier for your older home.

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