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All About BetterAir and Why They Stand Out

BetterAir is a company established in 2010 that is bringing revolutionary technology to the forefront of air purification. The founders of BetterAir noticed the daunting statistic that the average person is spending 90% of their time indoors! Associated with this behavior are many negative health effects including: sinus irritation, headaches, insomnia along with respiratory diseases and certain cancers.

Rather than neglecting these issues, they have spent 9 years researching, developing and testing their patented probiotic technology. Today they bring to the market an unmatched natural solution to keeping indoor air clean and balanced. Below are some of the key benefits to using BetterAir:

  • Cleans the air as well as surfaces to keep you healthy
  • Natural power of environmental probiotics derived from soil and plants
  • Great for home and office
  • Safe and effective for asthma, allergy and odor sufferers
  • Great for those who need to spend extensive time indoors due to work and weather

Technology Details: The Why and How of Probiotics

BetterAir works to encourage an ecosystem of probiotics to purify your home and office, bringing the balancing action of outdoor microbes inside! Probiotics are microscopic organisms that live within nature and in our gut. Microbes live off of other organisms' waste allowing them to turn harmful byproducts into healthy nutrients. They are key players that fill in the gaps of nutrient cycles within nature and our microbiomes. With BetterAir this power is harnessed into a cleaning technology that mists a patented blend of probiotics throughout the air and surfaces within the home. Some highlights from the technology are listed below:

  • Bacillus ferment a proprietary blend of environmental probiotics
  • 100% organic and natural, no harsh chemicals!
  • Flourish in all sorts of indoor environments
  • Clean surfaces by consuming inanimate organic allergens and eliminate organic odors
  • Derived from soil and plants
  • Inhalation safe! Will not build-up in the lungs
  • No eye contact risk or swallowing impact
  • Made safe certification (3rd party tested), will not harm people, pets or the environment

Our Favorite Products

The great people at BetterAir have enabled us to choose to breathe and feel clean, naturally, with their probiotic spray bottles. They have large and travel size bottles that work by misting your area or commonly shared items. They are perfect for airplane seats, cutting boards, bathroom counters, keyboards and exercise equipment. Like all of the BetterAir products it helps to remove odors and protect from indoor organic irritants such as pollen, dust mites and pet dander by showering a fine mist of probiotics that creates a microflora layer on surfaces and in the air. But the protection and natural benefits don’t stop there, spritz it on your body or face for healthier skin and hair too!

For a more permanent or consistent option BetterAir has a line of air purifiers. They have units for commercial use like the BA-1800 that can cover up to 45,000 square feet, spraying the patented blend of probiotics throughout a large space continuously. Along with more magable and home friendly units such as the BA-1200 that can cover up to 12,500 square feet. Both allow installation with an HVAC system and are easy to manage with a bottle replacement as needed. These options work well for hotels, doctors offices and older public or private buildings.

The clean air opportunity doesn’t end there! They also have compact portable air purifier units for cars or small offices such as the BA-biologic and the BA-biotica800. BetterAir has you covered wherever you may roam, without having to think about it, their probiotic blend will be surrounding you with a microflora bubble and help protect you from nasty pollutants and irritants.

Is IDEAL the Ideal Choice For You?

The brand IDEAL is a German company that produces office products such as paper shredders and other kinds of document cutters. Noticing that one of the most important elements for a healthy functioning office is clean air, they have begun to produce air purifiers. But in doing so they have set benchmarks for air purification with their 360 air filter design.

The company was founded in 1951 and has always maintained a highly eco-friendly operation at their headquarters in Balingen, at the base of the Swabian Alps. They are proudly German and work locally with 90% of their materials being from suppliers within the region and none are brought from more than 250 km away. When purchasing from IDEAL one is ensured to be receiving high quality products that are thoughtfully crafted and will serve their purpose well.

IDEAL Pro Air Purifiers

The product range of the IDEAL Pro air purifier collection is impressive. The collection includes purifiers for small rooms less than 100 square feet to large rooms of over 260 square feet. This allows for a customer to really get what is optimal for their space. The multi-layer filter system known as the 360° Air filters that the IDEAL Pro air purifiers use, is sure to rid the air of all major impurities. It filters pollutants and pathogens such as dust, pollen, allergens, bacteria and mold spores. It also removes formaldehyde and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the air along with odors such as cigarette smoke and other chemical vapors. If you have a specific irritant you want to eliminate or just generally desire cleaner air, these air purifiers will do the trick for you.

The IDEAL technology is cutting edge. Their air sensor can measure the air composition inside along with the climate and other changes. These values can be viewed on the IDEAL AIR PRO app, so in real time you can monitor the air quality. This app can sync all IDEAL Prp Air purifiers and provides central control. Automatically you can adjust the units with the needed purification in the space.

Discrete Power, Obvious Performance

The amount of air that is brought through an air purifier is measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM). This measurement determines how much air can be filtered in a given time and how the clean air will be distributed throughout the space. The IDEAL Pro Air Purifier collection has purifiers with over 800 CFM. With such striking capacity these purifiers are sure to perform well in the most difficult of spaces.

The powerful airflow from these purifiers brings in a tremendous amount of air from indoor spaces but surprisingly doesn’t make a ton of noise. The IDEAL Pro air purifiers have a low decibel rating, with ranges from 20-60 decibels (30 decibels is considered a whisper!). Distractions from the air purifier are sure to be low and with IDEAL Pro night mode setting the purifiers are nearly inaudible. This is a huge plus for those with sensitivities to loud noises or simply need a quiet environment to sleep.

The Nitty Gritty of the 360° Air Filter

There is a 5 layer masterpiece that composes each filter. We’ll break down each, explaining the significance of each layer of the filter and how it contributes to the strong filtration system developed by IDEAL.

  1. Prefilter mesh: blocks hair, lint and course dust. Needs to be wiped off occasionally, helps keep the finner inner layers free of blockage.
  2. Prefilter layer: Filters out the coarse particulate matter and extends the service life of the HEPA.
  3. HEPA microfiber layer: Filters respirable and ultra-fine particles (PM 10, 2.5, 0.3 and 0.1). HEPA stands for high efficiency particulate air, a category of pleated mechanical air filters, the standards for HEPA filters are defined by the U.S. Dept. of Energy.
  4. Activated Carbon Layer: Neutralizes VOCs, strong odors and other gaseous pollutants. This is achieved as the gas molecules are trapped within the charcoal bed of the carbon air filter.
  5. Cover Layer: Protects the high proportion of activated carbon. Activated carbon simply means that charcoal has been treated to have an increased surface area that allows for maximum adsorption of gasses that come in contact with it.

The 360° filter is nearly unmatched in its scope of filtration. Due to its efficiency it works well for a whole year in its appropriate IDEAL Pro Air Purifier. Changing it every 12 months is an easy process and the filter can simply be disposed of as normal garbage waste.

Strengths of the IDEAL Pro

  • 360° filter allows for a wide variety or contaminants to be eliminated
  • Reliable airflow that's as quiet as a whisper
  • Range of sizes will find a great fit
  • Can control from an App

Peace of Mind With Multiple Certification Standards

Not only are the IDEAL Pro purifiers UL Certified and CARB certified but also ISO 9001, ISO 14002, ISO 50001. With this impressive list of recognized certifications, you can be sure that IDEAL Pro air purifiers have been tested thoroughly to see that they meet the highest possible standards.

Want to learn more about IDEAL Pro air purifiers? Click here to view our IDEAL Pro product page and find the right air purifier for your personal needs.

Product Highlight: Respiray Wear A+ Personal HEPA Air Purifier

Traditionally, air purifiers are large, stationary devices that provide air cleaning coverage to clearly defined spaces. While portable air purifiers like the Aura Air Mini and Amaircare Roomaid have challenged this in recent years, none have gone as far as the new Respiray Wear A+ Personal HEPA Air Purifier. Unlike other air purifiers, the Respiray Wear A+ is a personal unit designed to be comfortably worn around the neck to deliver on-the-go clean air in any indoor space. Keep reading to learn more about this revolutionary wearable air purifier and how it may help you improve allergy and asthma symptoms.

How Does The Respiray Wear A+ Wearable Air Purifier Work?

Weighing just 8 ounces, the Respiray Wear A+ is designed for comfortable around-the-neck wear. Using a set of quiet fans that direct clean air toward the wearer's nose and mouth, the unit provides roughly 10 times the average breathing volume of air at any given moment. This essentially creates a bubble of clean, allergen-free air around the wearer.

This innovative unit uses both a pre-filter and a high-quality HEPA filter. The HEPA filter, which lasts for approximately 200 hours of use, is 99.9 percent effective for particles as small as 1 micron in diameter. For reference, even the smallest pollen grains are typically 7 microns or more in diameter, with most averaging 30-40 microns.

The Respiray Wear A+ features two fan settings, standard and turbo. On the unit's standard setting, the air purifier delivers 2.5 cubic feet of clean air per minute and can last for up to 8 hours on a single charge. The turbo setting increases the fan speed, upping the clean air output to 4.2 cubic feet per minutes. On this higher setting, the unit can last for 4 hours before needing recharged.

The Respiray Wear A+ charges with a common USB C charging cable, making it convenient and easy to use. Each unit comes pre-loaded with a filter pack and includes one HEPA replacement and one pre-filter replacement.

What Kind of Contaminants Can the Respiray Wear A+ Target?

Using its HEPA filter, the Respiray Wear A+ targets pollen, dander, mold spores and dust. These solid contaminants are among the most common causes of allergy symptoms and can also aggravate asthma symptoms.

Who Is This Wearable Air Purifier For?

The Respiray Wear A+ is a portable air purification solution for those suffering from allergies, though it may also help to alleviate asthma symptoms. It should be noted, however, that this unit does not have the ability to filter gases or odors from the air. As such, it cannot remove certain types of asthma triggers or the contaminants that most affect those suffering from chemical sensitivities.

Will the Respiray Wear A+ Work Outdoors?

The Respiray Wear A+ is only recommended for indoor use. While it can deliver a very large amount of clean air relative to the breathing requirements of an average person, the effects of outdoor wind negate the A+'s benefits.

Although the Respiray Wear A+ isn't an effective choice for outdoor use, its extreme portability does make it a good solution for essentially any indoor space. From homes and offices to classrooms and hotels, the Respiray Wear A+ can help you breathe cleaner air in most spaces without large amounts of air flow. This is one of the many reasons that this wearable air purifier is a great choice for those who suffer from heavy allergies. While a traditional air purifier can help relieve symptoms at home, the A+ allows you to take air cleaning technology with you for protection in a much wider range of settings.

How Much Does the Repiray Wear A+ Cost?

Respiray Wear has done an excellent job of keeping its product affordable so that the maximum number of people can enjoy the benefits of cleaner air on the go. At just $149, this wearable air purifier is accessible to people on practically any budget.

Have more questions about the Respiray Wear A+? Check out the dedicated product page by clicking the link below!

Learn More About the Respiray Wear A+ Personal HEPA Air Purifiers Here

Introducing the Airfree PLUS Filterless Air Purifier

Airfree is one of the leading filterless air purifier brands. The company's innovative technology uses a super-heated thermal core to neutralize impurities in home air. Because Airfree purifiers use this technology in place of traditional HEPA or carbon filters, they are both effectively silent and maintenance free.

Now, Airfree has introduced its latest model, the Airfree PLUS. The PLUS is the next big step in Airfree's lineup and features enhanced sterilization technology. Here's what you should know about the Airfree PLUS if you're in the market for a great filterless air purifier.

What Sets the PLUS Apart From Other Airfree Models?

The main difference between the Airfree PLUS and Airfree's other air purifiers is the PLUS's boost mode. When the boost mode is activated, the unit's fan engages and increases the speed of air movement through the thermal core. This allows the PLUS to move more air and purify the space around it more quickly than other Airfree purifiers.

Impressively, Airfree's engineers have made this boost mode extremely energy efficient. When the fan is off, the unit's power consumption is 52W. Engaging boost mode and turning the fan on raises this to just 55W. It's worth noting, however, that the unit is not completely silent when the fan is engaged.

In addition to the new boost mode, the PLUS comes with several convenience features. The unit can be operated by remote, touch sensor or via Airfree's user-friendly smartphone app. Like most Airfree units, the PLUS also features a handsome lighted top that makes it an attractive piece of home decor.

Does the Airfree PLUS Target Viruses, Germs and Mold Spores?

One of the key benefits of Airfree's thermal purification technology is its ability to target microorganisms, including viruses. The Airfree PLUS is no exception. The PLUS uses the same thermal ceramic core technology as other Airfree purifiers, giving it the ability to neutralize viruses, germs, mold spores and other biological contaminants. As air is passing through the unit, it is heated to temperatures of around 400 degrees, a temperature that these unwelcome home air impurities can't withstand.

How Large a Space Is the Airfree PLUS Rated For?

The Airfree Plus is capable of covering up to 650 square feet, making it a great choice for small apartments, bedrooms and a variety of living spaces. Thanks to its quiet, filter-free purification technology, the Airfree PLUS also makes a great office or classroom air purifier.

Have other questions about the Airfree PLUS filterless air purifier? We're here to help! Feel free to contact us, and we'll be happy to provide you with answers and personalized product recommendations based on your home air purification needs.

Save Big on Filterless Air Purifiers With the Airfree Summer Special

Airfree air purifiers are among the best options for those looking for filterless, maintenance-free units for small spaces. These unique air purifiers are able to target dust, dander, pollen, mold spores, germs and even bacteria, all without relying on the filters used by the vast majority of other air purifier brands. Keep reading to learn more about Airfree air purifiers, or skip directly to our Airfree Summer Special page (valid through August 31st) to see this season's best pricing on these excellent units!

How Do Airfree Air Purifiers Work Without Filters?

Airfree air purifiers operate on a completely different set of principles than most competitive brands. In a traditional air purifier, air is passed through one or more types of filter material to remove and capture specific types of contaminants. Over time, these filters become full and need to be replaced. Because of this, the majority of air purifiers require periodic maintenance.

Airfree, on the other hands, takes an entirely novel approach to the problem of cleaning home air. In an Airfree unit, air is passed through a ceramic thermal core that is heated to around 400 degrees Fahrenheit. At these temperatures, solid contaminants like mold spores, dust and even germs are neutralized and removed without the use of any kind of filter medium. This also makes Airfree units essentially silent, since they do not require a fan to force air through layers of filter material.

Another huge advantage of Airfree air purifiers is the fact that they can target viruses very effectively. While HEPA filters can trap virus-sized particles through a phenomenon known as diffusion and some air purifiers use UV-C lamps to eliminate them, Airfree purifiers are among the most cost-effective options for removing viruses from your home air.

Take Advantage of Savings on Airfree This Summer!

Although Airfree air purifiers are already quite affordable, US Air Purifiers is pleased to be able to offer them at even more phenomenal prices for a short time this summer! Now through August 31st, you can access special pricing on Airfree bundles that can help you keep your home, office or classroom air clean. See the list below for all special bundle pricing:

  • P3000 Plus Package: Purchase P3000 Plus receive eight (8) free capsule kits to last you 3 to 4 years, depending on usage. $184.00
  • P3000 Plus Bundle: Purchase P3000 Plus & choose one of the following options: receive free Tulip, Babyair, or T800. $199.00
  • Lotus Package: Purchase Lotus & choose one of the following options: receive a free T800 or Babyair. $179.55
  • P3000 Package: Purchase P3000 & choose one of the following options: receive a free T800 or Babyair. $154.00
  • P2000 Package: Purchase P2000 & choose one of the following options: receive a free T800 or Babyair. $139.00
  • P1000 Package: Purchase P1000 & choose one of the following options: receive a free T800 or Babyair. $117.52
  • Babyair Offer: Purchase Babyair & receive a free Babyair. $117.52
  • Tulip Offer: Purchase Tulip and receive a free T800. $112.00
  • Bulk Purchase: Purchase Four (4) T800's at a special price. $140.79
  • Bulk Purchase: Purchase four (4) Babyair units at a special price: $149.00

To order, simply visit the Airfree Bundle Page on our website and select the bundle you'd like to receive! Pricing this low can't last long, so be sure to act before August 31st to get your Airfree Air Purifier at some of the best prices we've ever been able to offer!

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