Amaircare 3000 Heavy VOC Air Purifier with 30 lbs Carbon

Model: 3000-HVY-VOC
SKU: amr-ap-us1531
Ozone Free: Certified UL 867 / UL 2998
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Amaircare 3000 Heavy VOC is the same high quality unit configured with a 30 lb Carbon canister and foam prefilter (NO HEPA)  for protection from heavy VOCs, odors, and gases. 

Bonus, you will receive this Ultra filter kit separately in addition to the configuration of Prefilter, HEPA and Carbon Blanket that automatically comes with the Base Unit (AKA the 3000 HEPA).

Coverage for 1800 sqft. Comes with a 5 YEAR Limited Warranty on Parts & Labor. Freshen up your living room, bedroom, etc in home with pure and healthy air. It is helpful for residential use as well as offices. Focus on volatile organic compounds (VOCs), like TCE.

New Design Featuring Low EMF!