Amaircare 10000 Heavy Duty HEPA Air Filtration System For Moderate VOCs TriHEPA

Model: 18-A-1KME-00-mod-voc
SKU: amr-ap-us1449
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Units are currently in stock and are shipping within 14 days or less.  Carbon canisters may take longer. Please check with us for the most current leadtimes. (as of 9/2/2021)

The Amaircare 10,000 is a high-quality HEPA air purification unit with focus on particulates and moderate VOCs featuring:

  • TriHEPA design allows for significant airflow.
  • Three individual filter sets each containing a prefilter, HEPA, and carbon canister
  • 3-stage filtration.
  • Easy to access filters through a removable end-panel door.
  • Function speed can be modified to suit the environment.
  • Third stage VOC canister upgrade included in this model.
  • Optional alternative configurations available just by changing the filter sets