Amaircare 16 in ET Plus Annual VOC Filter Kit for Larger Purifiers and Air Scrubbers

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Model: 93-A-16PL02-ET-std
SKU: amr-rf-us1254
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Amaircare 16 in ET Plus annual VOC filter kit for Models such as but not limited to the AWW350, AWW675, 7500, 10,000, 6000V Cart, 7500 Cart, IS5000, IS5000 Cart, 4000HV, and 4000 VOC Chem Item that were made after Nov 2015. Filter Replacements coordinating with 16″ Easy Twist HEPA.

Easy Twist were designed after Nov 2015.  Before that date, the correct filter is the Molded configuration of the carbon and HEPA.  It can be found here.  The molded configuration contains 11 lbs of carbon where the new design called Easy Twist contains 7 lbs. 

Please Note: June 2022, Amaircare changed to a new, improved pleated carbon insert to replace the 7 lb carbon insert.  

Includes: 1- Stage One Filter: 1/8” Foam Prefilter and 1 - Stage Three Filter: Granulated Carbon pellets encased in steel mesh canister (1550g = 1,705,000 m2 adsorption surface area), and 1 x replacement O-ring/gasket

Replace yearly.

Specialty Carbons Available.                  

$179.00 to $331.00