Airpura P700+ Air Purifier and Airpura P714+ Air Purifier With TiO2 HEPA Advanced Airborne Chemicals Plus Germs, Mold, VOCs

Model: P700+ / P714+
SKU: arp-ap-us1666
CARB Certified: Approved for sale to California
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Airpura P700+ air purifier covers 2500 sq ft (depending on model and speed) and offers complete filtration for chemicals, odors, particles & microorganisms featuring the new TitanClean photocatalytic oxidation technology and top quality HEPA coated in TiO2 to further improve reducing harmful VOCs so you can enjoy healthier, safer air. Excellent abatement rates especially for toluene and benzene.

Airpura P700 + takes the Airpura P700 to the next level.

If you loved the older P600+, then you will love the newer P700+ model featuring the 7-series motor which is quieter and more powerful than the original 6-series motor.

$1,449.98 to $1,499.98