Airpura 18 UVC Lamp

Model: ARP-20W-UV
SKU: arp-rp-us1234
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Airpura 18 UV lamp replacements. Lamp/bulb last up to 16,000 hours.  Excellent protection without harmful ozone.  Protects from viruses, bacteria, mold and much more.

Fits ALL Airpura 600 models such as but not limited to UV600, P600, P600+, and I-600 UV.

NOTE: Important to tell us the serial number if the unit is an I-series or UV-series purchased after July 1,2020.  There are 2 UV lamps available at this time: H-Shaped and U-Shaped.  The serial number will help us to identify which type you have.  If you know, feel free to list that in the drop down at the time of ordering too.