Field Controls Trio Portable 110V 60 Hz Air Purifier

Model: 46650000
SKU: fctp-ap-us1189
CARB Certified: Approved for sale to California
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Field Controls Trio 1000P Portable, a top quality 3 in 1 hospital grade HEPA air purifier, that dramatically & efficiently reduces particles, VOCs, & germs in the environment; therefore, keeping you and your family healthy at all times. Coverage: 1000 sq feet.  Patented PRO-Cell technology significantly reduces VOCs (by over 98% in just a few hours) and odors.  The Trio 1000P Portable maximizes air purification by using a 4 stage filtration system that is fully electronic.  An air purifier with a brain to tell you when the air needs great filtration and when it doesn't.  Even has a quiet mode.Very User Friendly.