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FIELD CONTROLS TRIO Complete Filter Set with 1 UVC Lamp -1000P, 1000P2

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Model: 46650100 (old number) / 602609500 (new number)
SKU: fctp-rf-us1195
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Complete Replacement Kit includes Combined Replacement Filter (Prefilter, Carbon, HEPA) and 1 UVC germicidal lamp for the Field Controls TRIO 1000P or TRIO 1000P2 Portable medical grade HEPA air purifiers.

Recommended to replace filters every 12-24 months and the UVC lamp every 12 months depending on usage.

As of Oct 2021, this item has been upgraded to a new filter that is now combined into 1 convenient filter instead of 2 separate filters. This replaces model number 46650100.

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