Build Your Own Airpura P-Series Custom Air Purifier

Model: p-ser-cst-ap
SKU: arp-ap-us1596
CARB Certified: Approved for sale to California
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Build Your Own Airpura P-Series Air Purifier: All base units will be designed with a HEPA, 18 lbs of customized carbon, military cloth, UVC lamp, PCO technology (high powered photocatalytic technology) using reflector coated with TiO2 to best fight germs, viruses, bacteria, and even neutralize hard to get chemicals, odors, gases, and VOCs. 

Choose your color, motor, HEPA filtration, carbon type and much more all at a click of a button.  When it is time to reorder, you'll have the control to modify many features of your unit like the HEPA and Carbon.

Recommended for single open spaces under 2000 sq ft. 

$1,200.00 to $1,615.00