AllerAir AirMedic Pro 6 HDS UV and UltraS UV Air Purifier

Model: A6AS21256141 / A6AS61258141
SKU: all-ap-us1033
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AirMedic Pro 6 Smoke UV series including AirMedic Pro 6 HDS UV and  AirMedic Pro 6 UltraS UV filters up to 2000 sq ft. and is designed specifically for tobacco smoke concerns.  The added UV light gives you extra protection from viruses and bacteria.

Formerly known as 6000 DS with UV, 6000 DXS with UV, 6000 smoke air purifier.

*Please note $100 additional charge for 220V and international plug which is not shown in US pricing.

$1,099.98 to $1,249.98