Airpura I-600 Healthcare, Severe Allergies, Severe Asthma

Model: I-600
SKU: arp-ap-us1201
CARB Certified: Approved for sale to California
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Airpura I-600 is ideal for Healthcare, Severe Allergies, and Severe Asthma sufferers because of its incredibly large True HEPA filter which contains 100 sq ft of surface area to filter irritating particulates compared to the standard 40 sq ft in other configurations. Airpura I-600 air purifier is designed for healthcare needs by trapping airborne droplets, sterilizing antigens and pathogens, adsorbing odors and airborne chemicals and gases. Coverage up to 2000 sq ft depending on model and speed. Over 100 sq ft of true HEPA for particle removal. Many optional upgrades available: UV germicidal lamp, HI-C carbon weave, Metal endcap HEPA, and negative air accessories.

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