Airpura T600 220V: Tobacco Smoke

Model: T600-220V
SKU: arp-ap-us1199-220V
CARB Certified: Approved for sale to California
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Airpura T600 220V air purifier is specifically designed for tobacco smoke and to remove 4000 chemicals, tars and gases found in tobacco smoke. Covers up to 2000 sq ft depending on model and speed. The 26 lb carbon bed adsorbs over 4000 harmful chemicals, gases and at least 60 carcinogens.

Unfortunately, at this time we cannot sell to China or where the end destination is China.

IMPORTANT: To assure the correct configuration the final destination and plug type is required before any 220V unit is produced.

This unit is available in 220V for an additional charge to US and Canadian businesses.  Unfortunately, we are unable to sell 220V units to international, private consumers at this time.