How to make your office a happier work environment

Here are a few ways to increase the happiness of your employees.

When it comes to the workplace, it is best to have the happiest workers possible. Not only is this good for general morale, it is actually good for the business – according to researchers, happy employees are 22 percent more productive than their counterparts. This was the subject of a study from architectural and design firm Gensler, who recently held a conference on what can be done to improve the mood of an office space. While speaking at the “Happiness by Design” session, Gensler representatives Dean Strombom and Sven Govaars offered some very useful advice.

Here are a few ways you can stimulate creativity and keep your employees happy:

  • Air quality: By ensuring that the air in your office is healthier for employees to breathe will keep them happy. Nobody wants to be breathing in stale air that has been circulating for days, which is why it is so important for there to be a working ventilation system. Investing in a desktop air purifier will also help with this problem.
  • Lighting: “We have to be very aware of not just daylight, but of any kind of light — incandescent, halogen, fluorescent — and its effect on people and how it energizes them or makes them tired,” Govaars told the Chicago Tribune. “Findings show there’s both emotional and physical ties that happen with lighting and how it can affect people in the long term.”
  • Noise: According to the research, 70 percent of those who were surveyed said that the biggest obstacle they face during the work day is being distracted by noise. A majority of people say that solving this problem would make the work day much more tolerable. Decreasing noise levels will energize employees and keep them happy.

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