Probiotic Surface Cleaning With the BetterAir Biotica800

While most of our products focus on removing contaminants from the air with specialized filters, there are other ways to ensure your home is as clean and healthy as possible. One of the most innovative product lines on the market today is the BetterAir series of probiotic air purifiers. Here’s what you need to know about the brand’s flagship model, the BetterAir Biotica800, and the air and surface cleaning capabilities of probiotic air purifiers.


What Are Probiotics?


Probiotics are beneficial, microscopic organisms that can be cultivated in order to promote human health. Probiotics can serve many roles both inside and outside of the body. While most probiotic organisms have specific health benefits, it’s also important to understand that they compete with other living organisms, including harmful ones, for the scare resources they need to live and reproduce. This ability of probiotic organisms to keep harmful bacteria in check is an important concept to understand, as it is a key mechanism in probiotic air purification.


So, How Does Probiotic Air Purification Work?


Most people are familiar with probiotics as a dietary concept, where they are often used to promote digestive health. However, the same basic idea can be applied to cleaning the air and surfaces in a home. When probiotics are dispersed into the air, they begin competing with harmful organic contaminants for resources. Over time, the probiotic microflora win out over the harmful living organisms, resulting in a healthier overall environment.


Interestingly, the same process can also render the surfaces in your home cleaner. When the probiotic mixture is deposited onto surfaces, the probiotics will begin consuming organic debris on those surfaces. As a result, the surfaces will require less frequent cleaning and be less likely to host harmful bacteria.


It’s also worth noting that the building of a healthier environment with probiotics is an ongoing process. Unlike traditional filtered air purifiers, probiotics won’t deliver their maximum benefits immediately, as it will take a bit of time for the beneficial organisms to successfully overtake the harmful ones in your home. Once this has happened, though, you’ll have a robust defense against many kinds of unwanted organisms and contaminants.


How Does This Compare to More Traditional Air Purifiers?


Needless to say, the idea of using tiny living things to keep air and surfaces clean is a novel and relatively new one. Probiotic air purifiers work very differently from traditional HEPA and carbon models. Normal air purifiers operate by passing air through a filter. This filter traps contaminants, while the purified air is released back into the surrounding area. Though seemingly simple, this basic principle is what drives almost all standard air purifiers.


By contrast, probiotic air purifiers work on the idea of combating contaminants throughout a large space, rather than just removing them inside of a fan-driven machine. Once dispersed, a probiotic mix is free to remain in the air and settle on nearby surfaces, combating harmful organisms wherever it happens to end up. In other words, the cleaning that takes place from a probiotic air purifier occurs outside of the purifier itself, while more traditional models focus on dragging air through themselves where it can be filtered and cleaned.


While this dispersed approach to air cleaning doesn’t necessarily make probiotic models better than traditional units, it does result in certain benefits. Most importantly, probiotic organisms are allowed to build up in the area around the purifier, forming something of a protective bubble where contaminants will have a difficult time reproducing. Unlike regular air purifiers, which focus on removing such contaminants, probiotic units attempt to target them at their source and prevent them from entering the air in the first place.


Why Choose a Probiotic Air Purifier?


There are many good reasons to select a probiotic air purifier like the BetterAir Biotica800 (see next section for details). First and foremost, a good probiotic mix will provide protection against harmful contaminants both in the air and on the surfaces surrounding the purifier. This means less required cleaning and greater protection from the bacteria that can be found on almost all hard surfaces in the average home.


Another good reason to use probiotic air purification is that it’s completely organic and environmentally friendly. Unlike units that use chemical treatments, a probiotic purifier will have no negative environmental impacts. This makes units like the BetterAir Biotica800 a great choice if you’re trying to make your home more environmentally friendly but still want the benefits of advanced air purification.


Finally, probiotic mixes do a good job of removing common household odors. While bacteria, dust and other such contaminants may be more concerning, keeping your home free of unpleasant odors is a major reason to use an air purifier. With probiotics, you’ll have a natural, organic approach to eliminating odors.


Introducing the BetterAir Biotica800


As mentioned above, one of the best probiotic air purifiers you’ll find is the BetterAir Biotica800. This unit is designed to cover up to 800 square feet by dispensing a patented probiotic blend. With BetterAir’s unique technology, this blend is able to disperse through the air, eventually settling on hard surfaces and helping to combat harmful contaminants on them. Through the combination of airborne and surface deposited probiotics, this air purifier creates a protective bubble in your home where contaminants will have a harder time spreading.


The Biotica800 releases a 30-second spray of probiotics once every 70 minutes. During the time in between sprays, the unit is entirely silent, though it will produce a very quiet misting sound while the probiotic spray is being dispensed. As a result, the BetterAir Biotica800 is among the quietest air purifiers available on the market. This low noise level also makes it suitable for use in work and study spaces.


Another advantage of this BetterAir unit is its compact size. At just 3.8×2.1×9.7 inches, the Biotica800 is extremely small for the size of the area it’s capable of covering. Weighing in at only 3.3 pounds, this air purifier is also easy to pack up and take with you wherever you go. In fact, it’s a great option for using in hotel rooms when you’re on the go, since these rooms are notoriously dirty and the surfaces in them are often home to some very unpleasant bacteria.


BetterAir’s probiotic mixture has been proven to reduce common allergens, restore microbiome balance and combat dust mite waste in the home, as well as help reduce the spread of germs. Other benefits currently undergoing certified testing include inhibiting mold growth, conferring residual anti-microbial properties on surfaces and the elimination of so-called “sick building syndrome.” With all of these benefits available from a simple, easy to use unit, it’s no wonder that there’s so much interest in probiotic air purification.


Each BetterAir Biotica800 comes with a replaceable cartridge that will last for approximately 3 months of continuous usage. The unit also offers an immediate release function, as well as the standard timed release setting.


Whole House and Commercial Probiotic Air Purification


While the Biotica800 is a great unit for small to medium-sized spaces, it isn’t up to the task of covering an entire home. Fortunately, BetterAir also manufactures larger versions that are suitable for HVAC use. One of these units, the BA-1200, can cover up to 13,000 square feet, making it ideal for large homes or medium-sized commercial properties. Although it’s much larger, this HVAC unit dispenses the same high-quality probiotic blend as the Biotica800 and confers all of the same benefits.


For larger commercial spaces, BetterAir takes it one step further with the BA-1800. With the ability to cover up to 45,000 square feet, this unit is perfect for office buildings and other large workplaces. Thanks to the BA-1800, even large companies can experience the benefits of probiotic air purification and help their employees remain healthier and more productive at work.


Who Is BetterAir Probiotic Air Purification For?


As with all types of air purification, probiotics are best for certain types of consumers. Because they target organic contaminants, probiotics are best for people who are worried about bacteria, mold, dust or allergens. Probiotic blends can also help to combat common odors, making them useful for dealing with ordinary household smells.


Probiotic units are also great for people who are interested in improving their overall indoor air quality in a natural, organic way. Since they work without synthetic filters or chemical treatments, probiotic air purifiers are green alternatives that often appeal to our most environmentally conscious buyers.


With that said, probiotics can’t tackle everything and may not be suitable for all buyers. For example, a probiotic air purifier won’t be able to target gases and VOCs. These compounds, which are often major concerns when it comes to home air quality, require a carbon filter. Since VOCs are especially harmful to people who suffer from asthma, COPD and other chronic respiratory conditions, probiotics on their own usually aren’t sufficient for these customers.


At the end of the day, the air purifier you choose should fit your personal needs. If allergens, dust and bacteria are your primary concerns, there’s a good chance that a probiotic air purifier will be able the help deliver the home air quality improvement you want. If your concerns are more closely related to gases or non-living particulates, though, there are other purifier technologies that may fit your needs more closely.


Where to Buy BetterAir Refills


Because they rely on probiotic cartridges, BetterAir units require refills when the old cartridges run out. Fortunately, you’ll find refills for all of the units discussed above here at US Air Purifiers! Whether you’re using the Biotica800 or one of the larger HVAC units, we have the refills you need to keep your probiotic air purifier running smoothly.


To help make your cartridge maintenance easier, you can also use our filter change reminder tool! Although it’s normally used to remind users of standard air purifiers to change their filters, this tool can also be used to remind you when your BetterAir unit is due for a new probiotic cartridge. *Note: Filter Change Reminder Tool is only compatible with BetterAir Biotica800 and older models and does not include options for the larger HVAC units.


Wrapping Up


Now that you know what probiotic air purifiers are and how they work, you can decide whether this kind of air cleaning technology is the right fit for your needs. Using a unit like the BetterAir Biotica800, you can create a more healthful environment in your home, target organic contaminants and clean your air in an environmentally friendly way.


Still have questions about the BetterAir Biotica800 or the benefits of probiotics in home air? We’re here to help! Feel free to send us your questions, and we’ll be happy to provide you with answers and personalized product recommendations based on your unique needs. If you’re still not sure whether a probiotic air purifier is right for you, let us help you weigh your options to select the best possible air cleaning system for your home.