Save Big on Filterless Air Purifiers With the Airfree Summer Special

Airfree air purifiers are among the best options for those looking for filterless, maintenance-free units for small spaces. These unique air purifiers are able to target dust, dander, pollen, mold spores, germs and even bacteria, all without relying on the filters used by the vast majority of other air purifier brands. Keep reading to learn more about Airfree air purifiers, or skip directly to our Airfree Summer Special page (valid through August 31st) to see this season’s best pricing on these excellent units!

How Do Airfree Air Purifiers Work Without Filters?

Airfree air purifiers operate on a completely different set of principles than most competitive brands. In a traditional air purifier, air is passed through one or more types of filter material to remove and capture specific types of contaminants. Over time, these filters become full and need to be replaced. Because of this, the majority of air purifiers require periodic maintenance.

Airfree, on the other hands, takes an entirely novel approach to the problem of cleaning home air. In an Airfree unit, air is passed through a ceramic thermal core that is heated to around 400 degrees Fahrenheit. At these temperatures, solid contaminants like mold spores, dust and even germs are neutralized and removed without the use of any kind of filter medium. This also makes Airfree units essentially silent, since they do not require a fan to force air through layers of filter material.

Another huge advantage of Airfree air purifiers is the fact that they can target viruses very effectively. While HEPA filters can trap virus-sized particles through a phenomenon known as diffusion and some air purifiers use UV-C lamps to eliminate them, Airfree purifiers are among the most cost-effective options for removing viruses from your home air.

Take Advantage of Savings on Airfree This Summer!

Although Airfree air purifiers are already quite affordable, US Air Purifiers is pleased to be able to offer them at even more phenomenal prices for a short time this summer! Now through August 31st, you can access special pricing on Airfree bundles that can help you keep your home, office or classroom air clean. See the list below for all special bundle pricing:

  • P3000 Plus Package: Purchase P3000 Plus receive eight (8) free capsule kits to last you 3 to 4 years, depending on usage. $184.00
  • P3000 Plus Bundle: Purchase P3000 Plus & choose one of the following options: receive free Tulip, Babyair, or T800. $199.00
  • Lotus Package: Purchase Lotus & choose one of the following options: receive a free T800 or Babyair. $179.55
  • P3000 Package: Purchase P3000 & choose one of the following options: receive a free T800 or Babyair. $154.00
  • P2000 Package: Purchase P2000 & choose one of the following options: receive a free T800 or Babyair. $139.00
  • P1000 Package: Purchase P1000 & choose one of the following options: receive a free T800 or Babyair. $117.52
  • Babyair Offer: Purchase Babyair & receive a free Babyair. $117.52
  • Tulip Offer: Purchase Tulip and receive a free T800. $112.00
  • Bulk Purchase: Purchase Four (4) T800’s at a special price. $140.79
  • Bulk Purchase: Purchase four (4) Babyair units at a special price: $149.00

To order, simply visit the Airfree Bundle Page on our website and select the bundle you’d like to receive! Pricing this low can’t last long, so be sure to act before August 31st to get your Airfree Air Purifier at some of the best prices we’ve ever been able to offer!

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