Air Purifiers for Mold: Our 7 Top Choices

Mold is one of the most common causes of poor air quality in the home. Spores, gases and odors released by molds can irritate the respiratory system, leading to short and in some cases long-term health effects. To combat mold, one of the best things you can do is use a good air purifier. Here’s what you need to know about air purifiers for mold and 7 of our top models in this category.


  Why Is Mold a Major Concern?


Though it is not always visible, mold is present in more homes than people realize. Even if you aren’t seeing black spots on the wall or catching heavy smells of mildew in your basement, it’s entirely possible that you have at least some mold growing in your house. Once mold or mildew has established a foothold, it can continue to grow undetected for months or even years, posing a constant risk to your indoor air quality.


Health problems from mold exposure often take the form of an allergic reaction with symptoms such as itchy eyes and runny nose. Mold exposure can also aggravate asthma and cause or worsen attacks. Black mold can be especially concerning, with symptoms of exposure including chronic fatigue and headaches.


Do You Have to Have Mold Growing in Your Home to Need Protection?


Even if your home is completely free of mold, you may not be spared from at least some exposure. Mold spores are present in the air in most places, meaning that you could be breathing in spores without seeing any kind of growth in your house. This is especially true during wet seasons when molds tend to thrive. While low-level mold spore exposure isn’t a problem for most people, it can be a serious issue if you suffer from severe mold allergies or asthma.


Mold contaminants in the air can become especially bad in the autumn, when fallen leaves get wet with rain and begin to develop mold and mildew just outside of your home. Spores, odors and gases can all get inside your house in the fall months, aggravating what is already a difficult time due to seasonal allergies. By using a good air purifier, you can take care of ragweed pollen and leaf mold with one machine, allowing you to breathe easier all the way through the autumn.

Features of the Best Air Purifiers for Mold


To combat the problems associated with mold, an air purifier needs to be able to remove mold spores from the air. These spores are the cause of mold allergies and represent the greatest overall threat to air quality. For capturing spores, a HEPA filter is required.


Although spores are the biggest source of contamination from mold, they are not the only one. Mold can also produce gases and odors that can cause issues on their own. Gases and odors from mold are most concerning for people suffering from severe asthma or other respiratory diseases, as they are more susceptible to the effects of exposure. Even for otherwise healthy individuals, though, exposure over a long enough period of time can become a problem. For this reason, a good mold air purifier also needs at least some carbon filtration ability to allow it to capture gases and odors produced by mold growths.


Finally, the best mold air purifiers typically feature a UV light. When exposed to light in the ultraviolet portion of the spectrum, mold spores are neutralized, making them effectively harmless. As a result, purifiers with UV germicidal lamps targeted at viruses and bacteria are also great for dealing with mold spores.


  Our 7 Top Air Purifiers for Mold


Taking these features into account, we’ve come up with a list of our top recommended units to help you keep mold spores and odors under control in your home. Although you should always try to combat mold at its source, these air purifiers can help you deal with the effects of hidden or minor mold and mildew issues.


  Airpura UV 600

  One of the best air purifiers for mold is the Airpura UV600, a unit which can cover up to 2,000 square feet and is ideal for large apartments and mid-sized homes. With a HEPA filter, 18 pounds of activated carbon and a UV germicidal lamp, the UV600 offers excellent protection against mold spores and odors, as well as other common household contaminants. The UV lamp on this model is twice as long as most competitive UV air purifiers, making it twice as effective.


Because of its UV capabilities, this unit also helps to protect against viruses and bacteria. This makes it a great solution for keeping your home healthy year-round. Overall, this is one of our top air purifiers for all-purpose use and will offer you some of the best protection you’ll find against mold.


  Field Controls TRIO

Like the UV600, the Field Controls TRIO is a powerful all-around air purifier that offers carbon, HEPA and UV filtration stages. With hospital-grade filtration, the TRIO can greatly enhance your air quality by removing 99.9 percent of particles on the first pass and 98 percent of VOCs within just a few hours. These same capabilities make it an excellent option for mold spores and mildew, while the UV germicidal lamp adds an extra layer of protection.


With the ability to cover 1,000 square feet, the TRIO is great for apartments and small houses. In larger spaces, though, you’ll likely be better off using the higher capacity UV600.


Amaircare 3000 VOC

Although it doesn’t feature a UV lamp, the Amaircare 3000 VOC is still a great air purifier for mold. This unit can cover up to 1,800 square feet and features both HEPA and carbon filtration. With this system, the 3000 does a great job of removing gases, odors and spores from mold growths in the home. It’s also a great all-around air purifier for improving air quality.


Aside from its mold-specific abilities, the 3000 VOC offers some excellent features that help it stand out. Thanks to its all-metal construction, this unit is durable and does not produce any offgassing. This model also features 360-degree air intake, multiple fan speeds, a silent mode and a helpful filter change reminder light.


AllerAir AirMedic Pro 6 Exec UV

Featuring HEPA, carbon and UV filtration, the AllerAir AirMedic Pro 6 Exec UV is an air purifier that can tackle just about any common household contaminant, including mold spores. This air purifier offers the durability of all-steel construction and is rated for use in spaces of up to 1,800 square feet.


Austin Air HealthMate Plus

Like the Amaircare 3000, the Austin Air Healthmate Plus combines carbon and HEPA filtration with 360-degree air intake for optimized purification. With this system, the Healthmate Plus covers up to 1,500 square feet and is a great option for getting rid of mold contaminants in your home air. This model is also constructed with a steel housing that makes it one of the most durable air purifiers you’ll find on the market.


Rabbit Air Minus A2

If you’re looking for a stylish and aesthetically pleasing air purifier for mold, the Rabbit Air Minus A2 may be the right unit for you. With its thin profile and built-in mood light, this air purifier can easily blend in as part of your home decor. It can even be mounted on the wall in rooms without much extra floor space.


Just because it looks good, though, doesn’t mean that the A2 skips on capabilities. This model covers up to 815 square feet and combines both HEPA and carbon filtration for maximum protection. With its 6-stage filter setup, the Minus A2 is a great option for eliminating mold byproducts from your home.


Airfree Onix 3000

Last but not least on our list of the best air purifiers for mold is the Airfree Onix filterless air purifier. This model uses a heater core to destroy mold spores, bacteria, viruses, pollen, dust and other particles with thermal energy, rendering them harmless. With this system, the Onix requires no filter changes or other maintenance.


At 650 square feet of coverage, the Onix is a good option for small apartments, offices, dorm rooms and other small spaces. Although it doesn’t offer the kind of protection that you can get with HEPA, carbon and UV, this model is a reasonably good and economical option for protecting yourself from mold in smaller areas.


How to Select the Right Unit for Your Needs


The right mold air purifier for you will depend on a few different factors. First and foremost, you need to consider the space you’re using it in. Using a low-capacity unit in a large space will not give you the protection you need. Be sure to get accurate measurements of your space and select a unit accordingly.


Next, the right model will depend on your sensitivity to mold. If you suffer from severe mold allergies, a unit with a UV germicidal lamp like the UV600 or TRIO is probably your best bet. If mold allergies are just an occasional annoyance, you may be able to get away with something less powerful.


Finally, you should think about your overall air quality needs. A broad-spectrum purifier will eliminate mold and many other contaminants. Be sure to choose a unit that targets everything affecting your home air quality, not only mold spores.


Will an Air Purifier Help Prevent Mold Infestations?


While there’s no guarantee that an air purifier will prevent the growth of mold in your home, it can definitely help. By removing spores carried in from the outside air, a good purifier can make it less likely that mold will gain a foothold in your home. The fewer spores manage to settle in your home, the fewer changes there will be for mold growth.


Is an Air Purifier Enough if You Find Major Mold Growths?


If you discover a major growth of mold somewhere in your home, it’s important to get rid of it as soon as possible. Mold can cause severe structural damage if left unchecked, often requiring difficult and expensive repairs. Whenever mold gains a foothold, there’s the possibility that it could turn into a major problem.


In some cases, small growths of mold can be removed with a mixture of warm water and soap or hydrogen peroxide. However, it’s important to always consider the surfaces you’re removing the mold from, since liquids can sometimes inflict additional damage on the surfaces you use them on. Today, you can also find all-natural mold cleaning sprays that will help you remove mold in your home without the use of harsh synthetic chemicals.


If your mold growth is more major, it’s likely best to call in a professional. Mold remediation can be expensive and inconvenient, but it is sometimes the best way to ensure that your home is protected from mold and your family’s health doesn’t suffer from exposure. While the best course of action will depend on the extent and location of the mold in your home, there are definitely instances in which professional help is needed.


With all of this said, an air purifier can be helpful while you deal with your mold problem. Whether you’re getting ready to get rid of the mold yourself or you plan to bring a professional in to do it, air purification can offer you some protection from the mold growths in your home. It will not, however, serve as a suitable alternative for actually getting rid of the mold problem.


Have more questions about the best air purifiers for mold and why you might need one? We’re here to help! Feel free to contact us directly with your questions, and we’ll be happy to provide you with answers and personalized product recommendations based on your unique needs.