Our New Commercial Financing for Air Purifiers

Many different types of businesses, from factories to marijuana dispensaries, require air purification systems to keep their employees and facilities safe. Now, US Air Purifiers is able to help these businesses in an entirely new way with our commercial financing for air purifiers. If you are a business owner looking for new air cleaning systems, our brand-new commercial financing offer may be just what you’re looking for.


  Who Can Access Commercial Financing for Air Purifiers?


All businesses, from startups to established companies, are welcome to apply for credit through QuickSpark, our new commercial financing partner. Through a simple application process, you can see how much credit your business can access and on what repayment terms. Even if your business doesn’t have the best credit, there’s a good chance that you can get the financing you need to buy your new air purifiers.


  What Units Are Eligible?


Our new commercial financing for air purifiers is an extremely flexible system. Though you do have to be a business client to apply for credit, you don’t necessarily have to buy a commercial-level air purifier. All of our air purifiers are eligible as long as your order is over $1,000. This system is especially good for small businesses, which often don’t need large, commercial air purification systems. Even if your business is centered in a small space that doesn’t call for a unit with massive capacity, you can still find an air purifier that suits your needs.


At the same time, our new commercial financing system is also a good solution for businesses that need advanced, high-capacity air purification units. With lines of credit up to $100,000 available from QuickSpark, your business can get whatever units it needs to provide a safe, healthy environment for customers and employees.


  Why Finance Your Air Purifiers?


There are several good reasons for businesses to use our commercial financing for air purifiers. To begin with, air purification systems can be large investments, and many businesses find it more convenient to pay them off gradually in order to keep cash flow regular. Financing major business expenses is also a good way to build up your company’s credit.


If you’re interested in our commercial financing for air purifiers visit our financing page to get started. If you need help deciding what air purifiers are right for your business or have questions about financing, feel free to contact us, and we’ll be happy to help you through the entire process of selecting and buying your new air purifier.