Maintenance Free Air Purifier Options

maintenance free air purifier lamp

Vortex Air Purifier Lamp

It’s no secret that using an air purifier can greatly increase the air quality in your home or office. However, many people are still concerned with the maintenance that can come with owning an air purifier. Mostly, this maintenance consists of remembering to change your filters at the correct time. If this is your primary concern, you may be interested in our filter maintenance reminder tool, which keeps track of your required filter changes and notifies you by email when it’s time to buy a new filter. However, if you truly want a maintenance free air purifier, there are several options that can help to keep your air clean without needing any routine upkeep.


  Airfree Thermal Air Purifiers


Among the most innovative options for a maintenance free air purifier is the line of thermal air purifiers created by Airfree. These purifiers make use of a ceramic heating core which purifiers air that is drawn through the unit via heat energy. These purifiers, which include the Onyx, Iris and Platinum models, are perfect for eliminating biological contaminants like mold spores, viruses, bacteria, pollen and dust from home air. Unlike some large and bulky air purifiers, these units are also quite small and aesthetically pleasing, featuring mood lighting to help them become an integral part of your home decor.


  BetterAir Probiotic Sprays


Another type of air purifier makes use of probiotic blends instead of thermal energy to create a healthier home. These probiotic air purifiers, an innovative creation of BetterAir, disperse a top-quality probiotic blend into the air of your home or office space. These probiotics create a more balanced ecosystem on home surfaces, resulting in a healthier overall environment. However, these probiotic air purifiers are not truly maintenance free, since they need a replacement bottle of probiotic blend put into them at six month intervals. What is completely maintenance free, however, is the same high-quality probiotic blend in a simple, easy to use spray bottle.

  Vortex Lamp Air Purifier


Ideal for an office or dorm room, the Vortex air purifier lamp is a wonderful combination of a piece of practical lighting with a highly effective air purification system. Though it would appear to be little more than a very high-end desk lamp, the Vortex also contains an air purifier that will eliminate bacteria, viruses, dust, mold, pollen, and dander in a space of up to 175 square feet. The purification system is also extremely quiet, which is essential for a unit that is to be used in a work or study area in order to avoid unwanted and distracting background noise.


  Conclusion: Should You Get a Maintenance Free Air Purifier?


Although any one of these maintenance free air purifiers will do a good job in removing contaminants from your environment, there will always be higher-end filter options that will cover a broader range of impurities (Combination HEPA and VOC air purifiers, for example). However, if you know for a fact that you will either forget or neglect your regular maintenance on an air purifier that requires routine filter changes, a maintenance free air purifier is for you. Even though there may be better options out there in filter-based purifiers, any air purifier is better than nothing, and a filter-based purifier will eventually stop being effective if you do not change its filters as needed. A maintenance free air purifier is also a good option for someone who wants to start improving their health through clean, pure air but is working with a limited budget. Not only are all of these maintenance free air purifier options surprisingly affordable, they also eliminate the cost of purchasing replacement filters.


Do you have questions about what kind of air purifier will best suit your needs and budget? Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Feel free to contact us with your questions, and we’ll help you to select the best air purification system for your home or office space.