Holiday Air Quality Traps

With the holidays in full swing, it’s time to celebrate and enjoy the season! As always, though, it’s important to keep air quality in mind. While the traditions of the holiday season are meant to be enjoyed, some of them may pose risks to your home air quality. Here are three holiday air quality traps you should be aware of.


Artificial Christmas Trees


Artificial Christmas trees have become more and more popular over the decades, but they may not be as safe as you think. Made from PVC, artificial Christmas trees can be sources of plastic dust, VOCs and especially toxic phthalates. While offgassing from an artificial Christmas tree is likely of minimal concern for most healthy adults, you may want to think twice about a PVC tree if you suffer from severe asthma or chemical sensitivities.


Scented Candles


At the holidays, it’s common to use scented candles to make your home smell like gingerbread, pine needles or other pleasant scents. Be careful when selecting your candles, though, as some scented oils can give off harmful compounds when burned. Here, moderation is the key. Burning the occasional scented candle likely won’t do too much to diminish your indoor air quality. If you have multiple candles burning or use them continuously, however, your air quality could suffer as a result.


Cooking Fumes and Odors


The holiday season means big family meals. If you’re using a gas stove, though, those big meals could also be adding fine particulate matter and CO2 to your home air. In addition to these contaminants, odors from cooking and particulate matter from burning cooking oils can diminish home air quality. If possible, use your home’s whole-house fan to provide extra ventilation while preparing large meals. If you live in a warmer area, you can also open a window to vent the fumes outside.


If you’re concerned about your home air quality, one of the best things you can do is to protect yourself with a home air purifier. Here at US Air Purifiers, we carry a selection of excellent home units you can use to provide yourself with cleaner air.