Winter Air Pollution: Why Cold Air Can Still Be Harmful

During the summer months, heat and more frequent travel tend to drive up air pollution levels. However, the winter months can also hold some serious challenges for air quality. However clean it may seem, wintertime air is often surprisingly dirty and can sometimes be just as dangerous as hotter air in the summertime. Here’s what you need to know about winter air pollution and why it’s such a problem.


Why Is Winter Air Pollution So Bad?


Air pollution can worsen in the wintertime for two reasons. Firstly, cold air tends to circulate less than warmer air, causing contaminants to settle in one place for prolonged periods of time. This is because air becomes denser as it gets colder. Pollutants that would normally be carried away from their sources by moving air currents can become trapped when the air is cooler. This phenomenon can be especially bad in large cities, where vehicular pollution settles in place and causes wintertime smog.


In addition to the problems caused by temperature shifts, wintertime also comes with its own unique pollutants. The most common cause of excess pollution in the colder months is the burning of extra fuel for heating purposes. The burning of carbon fuels releases fine particulate matter, one of the most harmful components of air pollution.


Between these two factors, wintertime air can become quite unhealthy. If you live in a more rural area, chances are that you won’t deal with excessive winter air pollution. If you’re living in a suburban or urban setting, though, the combination of stagnant air and increased fine particulate matter could be significantly reducing the quality of the air you breathe.


Should You Get an Air Purifier Before Winter?


Taking all of this into consideration, it’s a good idea to get an air purifier before winter sets in, especially if you live in a more crowded urban area. By using a good air purifier, you can at least help to reduce your exposure to air pollution in your own home. Since people spend less time outdoors in the wintertime to begin with, reducing indoor exposure to air pollution can actually make a significant difference in terms of the contaminants you breathe in.


This winter, the argument for adding air purification to your home is even stronger than usual. Because of the risks of COVID-19 spreading in home settings during family gatherings, it’s more critical than ever to use air purification to keep yourself and your family safe. To read more about how air purifiers could play a role in keeping your holidays safe and healthy, check out this recent blog post.


If you’re concerned about the risks posed by winter air pollution, consider checking out our great selection of home air purifiers. Whether you’re living in a studio apartment, a smaller home or a multi-level property, US Air Purifiers has the units you need to breathe cleaner air all year round.


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