Air Purifiers for Vaping: Why You Need One

For many years, vaping has been gaining popularity, particularly among young people. Although it is obviously better for your health than smoking tobacco, vaping still has its downsides where air quality is concerned. Luckily, a good air purifier is an easy way to deal with these issues. Here are some of the reasons that people need air purifiers for vaping, along with some good units for the job.


  Reasons to Use an Air Purifier for Vaping


The main reason you should use an air purifier in places where you vape frequently is that vapor can leave a lingering odor over time. Although this odor may be pleasant or even largely undetectable to you, other people will probably notice it. Using an air purifier is especially important if you live with roommates or family members who don’t care for the odor. Doing so will also save you the trouble of getting the odor out if and when you decide to move somewhere else.


If you have severe asthma or fragrance sensitivity and live with someone who vapes, an air purifier is definitely essential. The vapor released into the air is largely harmless to most people, but for asthmatics and other people with respiratory disorders, second-hand vapor can be a trigger for symptoms. This use of air purifiers for vaping goes both ways. If you vape and live with an asthmatic, using an air purifier is a considerate yet easy way to balance your vaping with that person’s health needs.


Finally, air purifiers for vaping are a good idea because of the residue that vaping can allow to build up on windows and other glass and metal surfaces over time. Vaping residue is fairly easy to clean, but many people prefer not to have to deal with it. If you live in a rented home or apartment, the property owner may also not appreciate the buildup. Using an air purifier can help to at least minimize this buildup, making cleanup easy when it does need to be done.


  Best Air Purifiers for Vaping


Although vaping isn’t usually the main focus of air purification units, there are several units that are capable of removing many of the undesirable elements of vapor from the air in your home. To effectively remove the odors in vapor, you need an air purifier that has carbon filtration. Some of our top air purifiers for odors include:



One common misconception about air purifiers for vaping is that they need to have HEPA filters to remove particulate matter. However, studies have shown that vaping does not cause particulate matter to accumulate. As a result, the odors that accompany the vapor should be the main focus of any attempt to purify air in connection with vaping.