Introducing the Aura Air Mini Air Purifier

One of the limitations of traditional air purifiers is that they’re confined to the home. Unless you’re going to lug a large, cumbersome object around with you everywhere you go, your home air purifier can’t do much for you while you’re out and about. Luckily, there’s a new solution to that problem: the Aura Air Mini Air Purifier.


This tiny air purifier is small enough to fit easily in a purse or backpack. As a result, you can take it with you wherever you go. From traveling to simply going to the office, you can always have a handy and convenient air purifier at your disposal. Here’s what you need to know about the Aura Air Mini Air Purifier and its capabilities.




The Mini Air Purifier from Aura Air is a compact, lightweight unit that can cover up to 107 square feet. The device itself is just 4.5x3x3 inches, making it small enough to carry practically anywhere. The air purifier runs on an onboard battery with a life of 5-6 hours. You don’t have to worry too much about running out of battery power, though, since the air purifier can be conveniently recharged using an everyday USB-C cable.


This air purifier uses bipolar ionization technology to eliminate harmful pollutants in the air around you. This system is maintenance-free, making the air purifier simple and convenient for everyday carry. The ionization system is useful for small contaminants, including spores, bacteria and viruses. The pre-filter also captures larger particles, including pollen and dust.


Where Can You Use This Air Purifier?


The beauty of the Aura Air Mini Air Purifier is that it can be used in any small space. You can use this air purifier to reduce pollutants in your car, a hotel room, your office or a small home workspace. Wherever you end up, the Aura Air can help you enjoy the benefits of cleaner air.


While practically anyone can benefit from a portable air purifier, frequent travelers and office workers will likely see the most benefit. The ability to clean the air in any space you find yourself in increases in value the more time you spend away from your home.




The Aura Air Mini Air Purifier sells for $179.99. This is at the lower end of the price spectrum for air purifiers and a great value for something that can give you clean air practically anywhere.


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