Foobot Joins Amazon Echo


Interconnected devices are the wave of the future, allowing for functions that no one device could perform on its own. This exact phenomenon of interconnectivity is what is responsible for one of the greatest advancements in the history of air purification: the new ability of the Foobot indoor air quality meter to synchronize with Amazon’s famous Echo device. Now, thanks to the interface of voice recognition, digital recall and connection to the Foobot, Amazon Echo can quickly and easily tell you valuable information about the air quality conditions in your home.


  The Power of Foobot and Amazon Echo Together


The Foobot air quality meter has always been a great tool on its own. Offering up-to-the-minute reads on air quality in its environment, the small, portable meter has become one of the best tools for keeping on top of home air quality. Smartphone connectivity also enhanced the meter, allowing users to see data readouts about their home air conditions and get tips about improving it.


Now, interfacing with Amazon Echo has enhanced the power of Foobot even more. Voice commands can grab data instantly from a connected Foobot meter and convey it vocally through Alexa, the voice of Amazon Echo. Voice prompts can be as simple as “Alexa, how is my air quality?” or as complex as “Alexa, ask Foobot how I can improve the air quality.” Using the data and system of the Foobot meter, Alexa can readily answer almost any question regarding your home air quality.


This function becomes even greater when used with other ech0-compatible products. Thermostats that can be controlled through Echo voice command, for example, can be quickly reset in order to respond to information gained from a Foobot meter. By integrating various devices through Amazon Echo, it is possible to gain complete voice control over almost every aspect of your home air environment.




For those of you who already have and use a Foobot indoor air quality meter, this is just one more example of the increasing functionality that Foobot continually strives to deliver. For those that have not yet tried Foobot in their own home, it is one more way that the meter can give you vital information about how healthy the air you and your family are breathing really is.


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