Foobot Personal IAQ Meter and Monitor

Model: 000210
SKU: fb-iaq-test-us1197
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This item has been discontinued.  Please visit Foobot's new and improved unit called SAT found here

Foobot is a high quality indoor air monitor and meter (tester) that is portable and extremely user-friendly. The system monitors 1. total volatile organic compounds (tVOC) including Carbon Monoxide, an odorless yet very harmful chemical, 2. particulate matter (PM2.5), 3. carbon dioxide, 4. humidity, and 5. temperature.

Free app from App Store or Google Play allow you to understand the air quality in your home and to flag you when it may need attention.  Excellent way to keep an eye on your air quality while at home or away. 

Please Note: Foobot does NOT work on 5G network.

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