Do Air Purifiers Make Air Dry?

One of the most common questions people who haven’t used an air purifier before have is whether or not they can dry out the air. We can tell you up front that the idea of air purifiers making the air dry is a myth. Here’s what you should know about dry air and purifiers before you buy one.


  Why Don’t Air Purifiers Make the Air Dry?


Simply put, an air purifier has no mechanism for drawing moisture from the air. As air passes through the filter material, particulates and/or chemical gases are captured. Moisture, though, cannot be captured by air purifier filters in any appreciable quantity.


If you actually want to remove excess moisture from your air, you’ll need to use a dehumidifier. Unlike air purifiers, dehumidifiers are specifically made to draw moisture from the air and collect it in a tank that can be emptied or pumped into a drain.


  What to Do if You Have Dry Air


Just because your air purifier doesn’t remove moisture from the air doesn’t mean that your home air is moist enough. Dry air can cause nasal irritation, chapped lips and dry mouth while you’re sleeping. If the air in your home is a little too dry, consider using a home humidifier to balance it out. Using a humidifier, especially in your bedroom, is an easy way to add some moisture into your air if you feel that it’s too dry in your house. While you may not need extra moisture all the time, having a humidifier can be especially convenient in the wintertime when air is typically at its driest.


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