All About BetterAir and Why They Stand Out

BetterAir is a company established in 2010 that is bringing revolutionary technology to the forefront of air purification. The founders of BetterAir noticed the daunting statistic that the average person is spending 90% of their time indoors! Associated with this behavior are many negative health effects including: sinus irritation, headaches, insomnia along with respiratory diseases and certain cancers.

Rather than neglecting these issues, they have spent 9 years researching, developing and testing their patented probiotic technology. Today they bring to the market an unmatched natural solution to keeping indoor air clean and balanced. Below are some of the key benefits to using BetterAir:

  • Cleans the air as well as surfaces to keep you healthy
  • Natural power of environmental probiotics derived from soil and plants
  • Great for home and office
  • Safe and effective for asthma, allergy and odor sufferers
  • Great for those who need to spend extensive time indoors due to work and weather

Technology Details: The Why and How of Probiotics

BetterAir works to encourage an ecosystem of probiotics to purify your home and office, bringing the balancing action of outdoor microbes inside! Probiotics are microscopic organisms that live within nature and in our gut. Microbes live off of other organisms’ waste allowing them to turn harmful byproducts into healthy nutrients. They are key players that fill in the gaps of nutrient cycles within nature and our microbiomes. With BetterAir this power is harnessed into a cleaning technology that mists a patented blend of probiotics throughout the air and surfaces within the home. Some highlights from the technology are listed below:

  • Bacillus ferment a proprietary blend of environmental probiotics
  • 100% organic and natural, no harsh chemicals!
  • Flourish in all sorts of indoor environments
  • Clean surfaces by consuming inanimate organic allergens and eliminate organic odors
  • Derived from soil and plants
  • Inhalation safe! Will not build-up in the lungs
  • No eye contact risk or swallowing impact
  • Made safe certification (3rd party tested), will not harm people, pets or the environment

Our Favorite Products

The great people at BetterAir have enabled us to choose to breathe and feel clean, naturally, with their probiotic spray bottles. They have large and travel size bottles that work by misting your area or commonly shared items. They are perfect for airplane seats, cutting boards, bathroom counters, keyboards and exercise equipment. Like all of the BetterAir products it helps to remove odors and protect from indoor organic irritants such as pollen, dust mites and pet dander by showering a fine mist of probiotics that creates a microflora layer on surfaces and in the air. But the protection and natural benefits don’t stop there, spritz it on your body or face for healthier skin and hair too!

For a more permanent or consistent option BetterAir has a line of air purifiers. They have units for commercial use like the BA-1800 that can cover up to 45,000 square feet, spraying the patented blend of probiotics throughout a large space continuously. Along with more magable and home friendly units such as the BA-1200 that can cover up to 12,500 square feet. Both allow installation with an HVAC system and are easy to manage with a bottle replacement as needed. These options work well for hotels, doctors offices and older public or private buildings.

The clean air opportunity doesn’t end there! They also have compact portable air purifier units for cars or small offices such as the BA-biologic and the BA-biotica800. BetterAir has you covered wherever you may roam, without having to think about it, their probiotic blend will be surrounding you with a microflora bubble and help protect you from nasty pollutants and irritants.

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