AirPura T600DLX: One of the Best Air Purifiers for Smoke

There are many reasons for people to use air purifiers, including reducing asthma and allergy triggers and promoting better health by eliminating fumes and VOCs. One of the most common uses for an air purifier, however, is to eliminate smoke from cigarettes and cigars. At US Air Purifiers, we offer a wide range of purification systems that are excellent for removing smoke. Recently, we’ve added the AirPura T600DLX to our growing lineup of the best air purifiers for smoke removal. The T600DLX is an ideal option for moderate to heavy smoke removal, including use in smoking rooms or homes with multiple heavy smokers.


   How Does the AirPura T600DLX Work?


Air purifiers that are designed to remove gases and smoke typically do so by passing air laden with contaminants through an activated charcoal filter that has been treated with a variety of different chemical compounds. These compounds make the carbon more reactive with the targeted contaminants, leading to a higher rate of absorption. While the AirPura T600DLX works on this same principle, it does so using an impressive 26-pound bed of charcoal impregnated with specialized treatment chemicals that specifically target 4,000 of the individual chemicals found in tobacco smoke. In addition to this enhanced carbon filter, the AirPura T600DLX features a specialized filter that removes tobacco tars, one of the most harmful components in cigarette and cigar smoke. These features, combined with an overall air cleaning capacity of up to 2,000 square feet, make the T600DLX one of the best air purifiers for smoke removal currently available to consumers.


   Uses for the T600DLX


If you live with heavy smokers or are concerned about the effects of your own smoking on non-smokers who are living with you, the AirPura T600DLX is a great option for ensuring that secondhand smoke exposure is kept to an absolute minimum. In addition, this unit can be used in smoking rooms or cigar lounges to help reduce the buildup of smoke in the air and its damaging effects on walls, paint and furniture. Restaurants, bars and public places that offer smoking areas can also benefit from using this top-quality smoke removal air purifier, as it will help to prevent smoke from affecting patrons who do not smoke.


If you are looking for one of the best air purifiers for smoke removal, the AirPura T600DLX is an excellent option for any smoke mitigation application. To learn more about this excellent air purifier, follow the link below.

T600DLX Full Specs and Details

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