Which Airpura Air Purifier Is Right for Your Needs?

Because the brand offers so many different units, we get a lot of questions about which Airpura air purifiers are good for different types of uses. Although all Airpura units are excellent at what they do, they’ll only deliver the best results if you’re actually using them for their intended purpose. Here’s a basic guide to Airpura air purifiers, categorized by which units are best for different purposes.


  Formaldehyde and VOCs


For everyday household VOCs, Airpura makes several excellent and effective units. Following are some of the best Airpura air purifiers for formaldehyde and other VOCs that you’re likely to encounter in the average home:



  Tobacco Smoke


Many people purchase air purifiers to help deal with tobacco smoke from relatives or roommates. If you’re looking for an air purifier for tobacco smoke, here are the best units Airpura offers:


  • T600
  • T600DLX (recommended for heavy cigarette or cigar smoke)


  Fires and Natural Disasters


Unfortunately, wildfires and other natural disasters often have a severely negative impact on air quality in the areas where they’re occurring. For this reason, people living in those areas usually turn to air purifiers to keep the air they’re breathing safe. Following are the Airpura units that are recommended for use in natural disasters.


  • C600DLX (wildfire smoke, volcanic vog and laze)
  • V600 (wildfire smoke and ash)


   Germs and Mold


If you’re concerned about germs or mold spores in your home, the following two Airpura air purifiers are good options for you.



  General Use


Of course, not every air purifier has to be highly specialized. In fact, sometimes the most useful unit is one that targets a broad range of different contaminants. Following are the general purpose units from Airpura:


  • R600
  • I600 (medical grade air purifier)


  Have Questions About Airpura Air Purifiers?


We know that choosing the right air purifier can be difficult. If you still have questions about which Airpura unit is best for you, please feel free to contact us, and we’ll be happy to help you select the unit that is the best fit for your needs.