Airpura Air Purifiers for Coronavirus Protection

Over the course of the last two weeks, it has become increasingly clear that Wuhan coronavirus is likely to become an epidemic outside of Asia. With a considerably outbreak in Italy and the United States preparing for the spread of the disease, people everywhere need to begin thinking seriously about how they will protect themselves.


Recently, we created a blog feature on Amaircare air purifiers for combating this virulent illness. To make sure our customers have all the choices they need, we’re continuing this week by looking at Airpura air purifiers for coronavirus protection. Here’s what you need to know about this leading air purifier brand and how its units may be able to help minimize your risks.


Why Choose Airpura Air Purifiers for Coronavirus?


One of the biggest problems of the Wuhan coronavirus is that scientists haven’t had time to study it thoroughly. As a result, independent tests haven’t yet established which air purifiers do the best job of removing this virus from the air. Because of this, we’ve decided to recommend units that are actively being chosen by health professionals to keep the virus in check at treatment and quarantine sites.


As noted in our previous feature, Amaircare air purifiers have been chosen by Canadian health officials for a a major processing and quarantine center. Likewise, Airpura has seen use around the world for containing and removing viral pathogens. The brand’s air purifiers are even planned to be used at the Wuhan Children’s Hospital, a healthcare facility at the epicenter of the outbreaks in China.


Because of this widespread deployment by healthcare professionals, we believe that Airpura’s air purifiers are some of the best choices for consumers looking to give themselves a measure of protection against the spread of coronavirus. As more information about this virus and the best air purifiers for it continues to come out, we’ll do our best to keep our customers up-to-date on the protective measures they can and should be taking.


Why Airpura Units Can Be Effective


Before we look at the specific Airpura air purifiers that are best for coronavirus protection, let’s briefly go over the requirements for virus filtering. While viruses are smaller than the holes in HEPA filters, studies have shown that these filters can capture them due to a phenomenon known as diffusion. In diffusion, extremely tiny particles moving through a filter medium can be captured due to randomized movement, rather than escaping with the prevailing airflow. As a result, HEPA filters can capture viruses and similarly sized particles in a surprisingly large majority of cases.


Another effective method of targeting viruses with an air purifier is the use of ultraviolet light. When viruses and bacteria are exposed to certain wavelengths of UV light, the chemical bonds maintaining their DNA are disrupted, rendering them neutral. While research on the current variant of coronavirus remains incomplete, a 2004 study demonstrated that UV light was effective for inactivation of the related SARS coronavirus.


On several Airpura models, both HEPA filters and UV germicidal lamps can be found together. These units, therefore, offer two layers of protection against viruses, including coronavirus.


Which Airpura Units Do We Recommend?


For maximum protection, it’s a good idea to choose an Airpura air purifier that combines both HEPA filtration and a UV germicidal lamp, as discussed above. Some of the units we recommend for this purpose include:



Other Recommended Units


In addition to the Airpura units listed above and the Amaircare Airwash featured in last week’s post, we can also recommend the AllerAir Pro 5 UV and Pro 6 UV (plus or HD formats). Like the Airpura line, these two AllerAir units offer the combination of HEPA and UV protection that can help to keep you safe from viral threats.


Still have questions about using Airpura air purifiers for coronavirus protection or how air purification can help keep your family safe from spreading viruses? We’re here to help! Feel free to contact us with your questions, and we’ll be happy to provide you with answers and product recommendations based on your needs.