Air Purifiers for Fire Stations: How an Air Purifier can Help Keep Firefighters Healthy

Firefighters provide critical services to communities, often putting their own lives on the line in the process. While any fire poses significant immediate risks to a firefighter’s life and health, there are also hidden risks that come with the profession. Over time, exposure to smoke, ash and toxic fumes can compromise a firefighter’s health. While these problems are occupational hazards that don’t have any single solution, using a fire station air purifier may help to provide some protection and relief. Here’s what all firefighters and fire department support staff should know about air purification for the firehouse.


  Why Would You Need Air Purification at a Fire Station?


Aside from the smoke residue and particulate matter that can come in on uniforms when firefighters return from putting out a blaze, fire stations carry risks of their own. Diesel emissions from the shop, for instance, can build up in the air and eventually be breathed in by those who work in the fire station. Combine these issues with the fact that firefighters are already called upon to expose themselves to ash, smoke and fumes on a regular basis, and the occupation can present some serious long-term health challenges.


Adding to these concerns is the fact that firefighters often work 24-hour shifts. Unfortunately, these long shifts involve prolonged exposure to low air quality conditions. Carry this out over a career, and the risks from this prolonged exposure begin to add up and become quite significant.


  What Are Some Common Issues Firefighters Experience?


Career firefighters often suffer from a range of health issues associated with low air quality. Among these are sleep apnea, long-term toxic accumulation from repeated exposures to airborne toxins and even the development of COPD. While an air purifier certainly can’t solve all of the air quality problems that firefighters face in the performance of their jobs, using one in the fire station can at least give them a respite and prevent further exposure to hazardous contaminants.


  Best Air Purifiers for Fire Stations


A popular solution is to combine the Airpura I600 model with either the Airpura F600DLX or C600DLX. The I600 model provides optimal protection from particulate matter in the air, while the F600DLX or C600DLX will offer protection from gases, VOCs and chemical fumes that may be present in the station. Together, these units provide blanket coverage against most major contaminants that are relevant to firefighters. In addition to use at the fire station, these units are also small enough to be used by firefighters in their own homes for extra protection. Alternatively, fire stations can also use the industrial-grade Amaircare ES3X combination HEPA and VOC filtration model.


Have questions about using air purifiers for fire stations or the specific benefits of the units we recommend? Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Feel free to contact us for information or product recommendations, and we’ll be happy to help you select the ideal air purifier for your station’s needs.